April 30, 2018

16: Soul and Body Support for the Mystery + Magic Behind Spiritual Crisis (Part 2 of Freedom + Expansion: The Terrifying Gifts of Spiritual and Existential Crisis)

What’s on the other end of the “Am I Crazy??” Experiences?

Here we go- the sequel to Freedom + Expansion: The Terrifying Gifts of Spiritual and Existential Crisis!

Find out in Part A what it’s been like since I felt pieces of my existence shatter, the way my bladder was screaming, how I transformed pain into wisdom and revealed the mysteries behind my symptoms, sorting and clearing the ancestral and collective energies that came up, and the actual gifts + magic that I’ve received on the other end.

Part B, Soul and Body Support, is all for you! I’ve had many listeners ask for more meditations and guided experiences for healing. In four segments that you can use at your own pace, I guide you through:

  • Soothing self-touch and grounding your body into safety
  • Immersing yourself in an imaginary Healing Sanctuary for deeper release
  • Talking and listening to your body using the language of the body, love, to learn the wisdom beneath your body symptoms
  • Using your story of your physical and emotional symptoms as a tool to explore deeper into the soul’s messages

These can help anyone find deeper healing, grounding, and self-love.


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Sponsorship Message

This episode is brought to you by the Soul Body Women’s Retreat in October 2018. This is a spiritual and healing retreat inspired to support connecting Soul and Body with lots of love and playfulness!

In this retreat, we connect the elements of Earth and Sky within, Feminine and Masculine, and all of the opposing energies within. It is a sacred intensive of meditations, yoga, family constellations, somatic healing, and soul work to deeply heal stuckness, beliefs, or ancestral bonds and embody freedom and specific personal intentions. For this and future retreats, you can find out more information on CandiceWu.com/retreats.

Your support in sharing this or joining a retreat helps me make more healing albums, content, and create more podcast episodes. I am grateful for your support!


Show Notes 

00:00 Intro & Welcome

00:51 Thank You to My Listeners!

01:24 Sponsored Message: Soul Body Women’s Retreat

02:47 Let’s Get to It

02:53 Mention of the Episode: The Terrifying Gifts... & Short Recap

04:15 What I Talk About in This Episode

Part A

04:34 What I Experienced Since Last Time

05:01 What Is Sharing Too Much?

05:38 Released Some of the Shame, It's More Important to Share

05:53 Disclaimer for TMI

06:11 Urinary Tract Infection / Wildfire

07:15 Mention of Game of Thrones: Daenerys’ Blazing Fire Dragons

07:47 Anger! Anger! Anger!

08:31 Past Life Coming: Shaman or Witch

09:24 Heat in My Bladder Matching the Climate in Bali

10:04 Anger Shifting

11:07 The Females in My Chinese Lineage

11:35 Feminine Power & Room for Masculine

12:31 Forceful Syncing With My Body’s Timing

13:23 What I was Embarrassed By

14:15 What Spiritual Crises Is Really About

15:16 “If There Isn’t a Spiritual Place for Dis-Ease, There Wouldn’t Be a Physical One.”

16:29 What Have I Gained? Why Not Just a Quick Fix?

17:26 I Get to Define Who I Am...

18:02 Cleaning Your Home & Soul

20:05 Making a Mess Before the Clean

20:36 A New Draw to My Intuition

21:10 A Loving Message to My Bladder

Part B

21:32 Body and Soul Support

22:10 First Exercise [6 Min]: Grounding, Self-Touch and Feeling Into Your Safety Right Now

28:14 Second Exercise [4 Min]: Healing Sanctuary

32:09 Third Exercise [5 Min]: Inner Listening

37:16 Fourth Exercise [3 Min]: Physical Symptoms Word Play

40:30 End of Part B

41:33 Sponsored Message

41:59 Sendoff


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