July 13, 2018

28d: Meditation ❤ Elemental Medicine: Accessing Your Intuition and Nature for Pure Balancing

This week I am releasing four healing meditations that offer ways to utilize nature as medicine, tuning into the elements, and balancing your energies. This is one of them.

This practices supports you in tuning into yourself, your emotions, body, energy, temperature, and thoughts: all that is happening inward and match it with the healing power of nature’s elements. It helps you convert the energy of what’s weighing on you into ease, peace, balance, and flow.

This meditation is part of the series of healing practices related to the Episode “From Emotional Numbness to Wholeness” which can be found at https://candicewu.com/nature.


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This episode is brought to you by the Soul Body Women’s Retreat that will adventure in October 2018.

The Soul Body Women’s Retreat is a spiritual and healing retreat inspired to support connecting Soul and Body, the elements of Earth and Sky within, Feminine and Masculine, and all of the opposing energies within. It is a sacred intensive of meditations, yoga, family constellations, somatic healing, and soul work to deeply heal stuckness, beliefs, or ancestral bonds and embody freedom and specific personal intentions.

For this and future retreats, you can find out more information here. Your support in sharing or joining a retreat helps me make more healing albums, content, and create more podcast episodes. I am grateful for your support!

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Show Notes & Timestamps  

00:00 Intro

00:55 Opening

01:59 Meditation


Intro Music by Nick Werber (instagram.com/nwerber)

Cover Photo by Qingbao Meng on Unsplash

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