October 11, 2019

92c: Arrive in Embodied Safety: Support the Flight Response of the Nervous System Guided Healing Experiential

This Somatic Experiencing support guides you from anxiety or a tonic immobility (frozen) state of the nervous system to arriving at safety through a completed movement of running towards a safe person, place, or situation that you imagine and move with.

The parent episode for this experiential is called “92: Nervous System Overwhelm: Notice the Signs, Polyvagal Theory Basics, and 12 Tools Towards Healing Trauma, Depression, Shut Down, and Overwhelm” and can be found at CandiceWu.com/overwhelm.


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Sponsored by My Personal Healing Immersions and Retreats

This episode is sponsored by my personal healing immersions, retreats, and trainings. People who are interested in diving deep in their healing and transformation, or in learning from Candice can reach out to her to set up a personal retreat in a location of your choice. Time and length, as well as the content of the retreat is completely collaborative and intuited based on what you desire and need! Couples and Ethically non-monogamous and Polyamorous relationships are also supported.

Learn More About My Personal Mentorship at CandiceWu.com/mentorship


Show Notes

0:00 Intro

0:55 Opening & Explanation

5:00 Safety for this Experiential

5:52 Preparations

6:29 The Experiential

18:16 Outro

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