August 24, 2020

92: Nervous System Overwhelm: Notice the Signs, Polyvagal Theory Basics, and 12 Tools Towards Healing Trauma, Depression, Shut Down, and Overwhelm

This episode is a rerun of a previous episode on The Embody Podcast while I am on a short restorative hiatus.

When you’re depressed, paralyzed, shut down, or dissociated — knowing what is happening can support healing and a compassionate look at the body and how it’s trying to protect us and adapt. This episode is a practical and scientifically-based discussion about understanding the basics of the nervous system in overwhelm or trauma. By noticing the signs, you can support your body in feeling more safety, resilience, and capacity with very basic tools.

We are so used to going in the hard stuff of our lives and overriding and pushing beyond what our bodies need. This can create an auto override and autopilot — are we really here in our hearts and bodies?

In this episode, I share many signs of nervous system overwhelm, 12 things to do to support and heal trauma, a bit of Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Experiencing, and the way our nervous systems can be affected in relationships. The more I have understood the nervous system, the more compassion I have been able to feel for others and humanity.

How can we understand our nervous systems through animal behavior? Find out in this episode. I also bring forward questions I like to ask myself: How much of me is here? Where is my awareness/what is the quality of it? How am I in my body?

Next week, I will share three experientials that are connected to this episode.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:14 Brought to You by My Client Work and One-on-One Immersions

3:16 The Meditations Database

3:42 Transcriptions of the Embody Podcast

4:22 Opening: How Anger Can Be Helpful

5:41 Nervous System Overwhelm: The Freeze Response

8:04 Story Nervous System & Check-in for How Much Is Here Right Now?

15:00 Question for You: How Much of Me Is Here Right Now?

19:19 Let’s Talk About Polyvagal Theory

20:27 an Image to Understand Polyvagal Theory: The Lion and Gazelle

22:15 The Three States of Polyvagal Theory

24:26 The Nervous System Needs Safety — Even if the Threat Is Decades-Old or Not Even in Your Lifetime

25:39 What Are the Signs of the Freeze State?

29:35 Shifting Out of Freeze

31:32 Navigating the Body Between These States

32:14 Unresolved Trauma From Past Lives Is Part of This as Well

33:22 Relating Trauma to Depression

34:03 Healing at a Deeper Level: What Happens When You Come Out of Freeze State

36:42 Talking About Implicit Memory

37:29 Mention Past Life and the Deep Mystery Podcast Episode

38:40 Key Principle: Provide What Wasn’t Had

39:12 12 Tips and Tricks to Heal Trauma and Tonic Immobility

39:22 1) Orient Yourself and Notice Your Surroundings

40:49 2) Touch Your Body From Head to Toe

41:43 3) Recognize That You Are Alive and Safe Right Now

42:28 4) Resource a Safe Person

44:06 5) Be With a Safe Person or Animal or Be in a Safe Place

44:35 6) Slowing Down Your Experience and Notice

44:54 7) Pendulate Between Safety and the Challenge

46:16 8) Use Movement to Support Yourself / Shake Up the Energy

47:41 9) Run and Slow It Down

49:03 10) Reveal or Allow Anger

49:30 11) Practice Assertiveness

49:57 12) Tune Into a Moment That You Felt Like Yourself or Ok

52:22 Be Prepared for Emotions and Body Sensations

54:09 Information Overload — Freeze State?

54:58 My Experience With These Tools and Signs to Look Out For

57:43 This Week’s Experientials (Will Be Next Week Instead of This Week)

58:45 I Didn’t Learn How to Do This on My Own: Connect With Someone

1:01:02 Outro: Ending With Something Light a Poem by Cameron Awkward Rich

1:03:00 13) Leaving You With Music

1:03:19 The Embody Newsletter to Stay Up to Date

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