September 16, 2019

90: My Story and What I offer at Embody Your Nature

A ten-minute taste of my story in becoming a healing facilitator and the ways in which I support people in the science and the spirituality of being at home in their bodies and loving and feeling like themselves.

If you’ve wondered how Embody Your Nature could support you in your deepening, inner wisdom, and knowing of yourself or your relationships, how my work is different from talk therapy and other spiritual work, or how horse experiences provide healing, hop into this brief appearance I had on Mind-Body Radio.

I share about the types of clients that come to me from those experiencing tension or illness in their bodies, emotional imbalance, patterns in their lives, or desires that they are moving towards.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:55 Opening

01:06 Embracing and Embodying Your Nature

02:28 How Does Candice Describe Herself?

03:04 What Inspired Candice to Do the Healing Work?

04:37 The Embody Podcast

06:02 What Kind of Clients Come to You and in What Format?

08:36 What’s Up With Candice Right Now and in the Future?

10:18 Where to Find Candice

11:11 Outro

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