August 7, 2019

84a: You Are the Way: A Meditation to Open Ways of Knowing + Intuition

The deep mystery of life is you. You are the way. You are love. This is a guided meditation to nourish ways of intuitive and innate knowing that live in your cells, in who you are, in all the messages of the body and spirit.

This episode is based on the main episode “84: The Deep Mystery of Life + Elbow Wisdom : Embracing What Logic Cannot Explain”. To listen to the main episode, please find it on the podcast, or on my website linked below.


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The Embodied Healing Group Call sponsored the funds to produce and create this episode!

The Group call is a monthly group online to enjoy embodied support, empowering connection, and healing guidance! A truly powerful exchange of love and transformation for your contribution.

If you’re craving this kind of experience, I’ll support you in being at ease in your own body and spirit, tapping into your intuition and wisdom, and somatic and ancestral healing around anything you’re experiencing or challenged with each month.

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01:08 Opening

01:58 Experiential

15:02 Outro

15:37 More Free Interviews, Experientials, and Meditations

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