May 6, 2019

71: Charmayne Kilcup on Self-Forgiveness and Choosing Ourselves

This is a divine conversation with my healer/healing coach, Charmayne Kilcup, Ph.D., who introduced me to the power of self-forgiveness. She brings a spacious big love to healing the soul. In this conversation we talk about:

  • How to use Self-Forgiveness to heal your heart and soul and why forgiveness itself doesn’t work
  • When selflessness is helpful and when it is not
  • Shifting from victimhood to seeing that what happens in our lives truly happen not to but for us
  • How the mind does not understand the Soul and how to balance this within
  • How choosing pleasure and choosing ourselves is in service to all
  • Her spiritual emergency and how this lead her to her journey of self-forgiveness and worthiness
  • Being worthy of our abundance and material pleasures
  • The transmission of primal archetypal feminine energy that is the preparation she needed to feel ready for birthing her baby
  • The luscious moments she is enjoying sensate pleasure

Charmayne is a spiritual coach who helps people transform trauma, and pain into joy, ease, and loving. Trained as a counselor, psychologist, and energy worker, Dr. Kilcup has found that self-forgiveness and self-love the are keys to healing that most healing modalities are missing. They were the game-changers that helped her transform an eating disorder, depression, and anxiety into a life of joy and delight. Since that time, Dr. Kilcup has dedicated her career to helping people learn how to use self-forgiveness to transform the negativity in their lives. Currently, she maintains a private practice and is the co-founder of the Institute of Spiritual Coaching which trains people to use self-love and self-forgiveness in their private practices. Her first book, Heal Your Heart: How to Awaken the Soul with Self-Forgiveness released in January 2019.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

0:57 Sponsored by my Ally With Death Experiential & Spring Cleansing

8:05 Tuning into Nature & the Shift of Spring

8:56 Opening the Episode

12:37 Introducing Charmayne — My Healer

13:33 Who Is Charmayne in Her Own Words?

15:15 What Is Alive in Her World?

15:41 How Do You Prepare for a Baby Being Born?

18:00 Charmayne’s Book: Heal Your Heart — How to Waken Your Soul With Self Forgiveness

18:06 Spiritual Emergency and Awakening at 23

20:47 Mind Does Not Understand Soul

22:05 Balance of Mind & Heart

23:51 Not Much Joy When Living in the Mind

24:59 Forgiveness & Self Forgiveness

27:12 Disclaimer: Sexual Abuse (Talking About How Survivors Feel Like It’s Their Fault, Going Into Self Forgiveness to Release That Self Judgement)

27:57 Disclaimer End

27:58 Method of Self Forgiveness

28:34 Exercising Self Forgiveness Around Her Pregnancy and Being a Bad Mother

29:29 Self Forgiveness Can Lead to Forgiving Others (But It Does Not Have To)

30:36 Self Forgiveness: The Level of Responsibility and Freedom

31:14 Self Forgiveness Over Forgiving Others

32:45 the Antidote to Shame & Unworthiness

34:22 How Did You Get in Touch With Your Own Shame?

34:46 Western College of Santa Fe

35:50 Shame Around Relationships

39:04 Shame Around Abundance and Feeling Like You Have to Only Serve Others

43:10 It Might Have Been Helpful in the Past

44:57 Is It Connected to Selflessness (Young vs. Old Souls)

47:03 Can I Claim My Worthiness?

48:27 Choosing Myself for Myself Is Enough

50:11 Victimhood — What Happens in Our Lives Truly Happen Not To but for Us

53:07 What Are You Challenged With Right Now?

56:13 What Brings You Joy Right Now?

57:26 Anything Else?

57:49 Gratitude & Where to Find Charmayne

59:07 Outro

59:27 Charmayne’s Book and More Resources

1:00:10 Gratitude & Connect

1:00:31 Embody Newsletter

1:01:09 Ending Meditation

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