March 20, 2019

64b: Experiential: Exploring the Interlogs of Your Creative Process with Cynthia Langtiw

Cynthia Langtiw shares an experience to support you in understanding and becoming aware of your own transformative process and engagement with your own creations, research, or projects in this reflection of Interlogs.

Dr. Cynthia Lubin Langtiw is a Haitian American licensed clinical psychologist and full professor in the clinical psychology program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She has served as a supervising psychologist at Mount Sinai Hospital and currently consults with their doctoral clinical training program. Dr. Langtiw is a volunteer psychologist and clinical supervisor with The Marjorie Kovler Center for Survivors of Torture. She also provides training on psychological trauma for the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights. Her clinical work reflects a strong systemic/community sensibility that integrates a relational cultural perspective. Much of her clinical work has been helping youth, adults, families, and communities utilize their own resources to heal from trauma. Dr. Langtiw has a strong passion for teaching, qualitative research, clinical training and enjoys supporting students in finding their voice in psychology.

Listen to Part 1 and 2 of the Conversation with Cynthia about Unknowing and Finding Your Own Knowing at

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