January 19, 2019

55c: Body Love Ritual

Ritual at its best brings us towards a feeling of acknowledgment, embodiment, and honoring of our true selves. It bonds us to our values and our deepest self or brings us to shared humanity, purpose, or meaning.

Give healing attention and presence to a part of your body that needs it, allowing the power of our body intelligence to begin to innately heal tension, pain, discomfort or dis-ease.

The full exploration and more of my thoughts about rituals can be found in Episode 55 of the Embody Podcast or at candicewu.com/ep55.

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One of my favorite rituals is to record and harvest the wisdom of my dreams. ⠀⠀ Dreams are constantly revealing yourself to you and each one brings a whole world of embedded knowledge and wisdom, waiting to be seen and bringing you new energies to cultivate in your life, possibility, and connection. It connects us back to parts of ourselves we have hidden or left behind, forgotten about, or disconnected from, to bring us into our wholeness and true power.

If you’re interested in dreaming, I’ve started a series of dream work classes that will support remembering and harvesting dreams, and there’s much more to come about embodying the energies, wisdom, and messages of your dreams.

This first class is about the basics: unfolding and awakening your dream life so that you can harness the power of dreams, how to cultivate the ability to remember your dreams, creating intentions and ways to record and harvest your dreams. This class is free through the end of Jan.

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Sweet dreams to you…❤

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