December 25, 2018

52a: Connect With an Inner Part of You

We have many parts of ourselves that may take the lead at different moments in our lives or hide away when we most need them. Each part of ourselves, whether the inner child, higher self, inner critic, protector, etc., brings gifts and wisdom and also may desire to heal. In this exercise, journey with me to dialogue with an inner part by visualizing and connecting with this part.

This is an experiential connected to Episode 52 about Parts Work. You can find the full episode at

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Dreamwork is one of my passions and gets me connected with myself and the many parts of me - I’ve shared a Dream Class on Skillshare, free until Jan 2019, on how to cultivate your dream life and remember your dreams. One way to work with dreams is to see every part of the dream as part of yourself, gaining wisdom and messages from each symbol and image.

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1:53 Meditation

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