July 18, 2022

192: Leave the Door Open: Give Your Desires Momentum

Stop slamming the door on yourself. Tune in for a chat on how we slam the door on our own desires — and the invitation to leave it open a little longer, to hang out in the new territory, and welcome the new.

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🎧 Show Notes:

00:00 Intro
01:28 Opening
02:12 Are You Slamming the Door on Your Desires?
06:17 Do You Enjoy Learning & Growing?
08:06 A New Definition for the Word FEAR
09:05 Updates for the Last Few Weeks
09:45 I Did Not Speak Much
10:33 Developing My Voice in Different Ways
13:40 I’ve Seen some Wild Turtles!
14:29 Learning (Again) to Slow Down More.
18:36 Outlook: My Voice Over Work and Workshops

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