November 8, 2021

173: On Your Needs and Wants: You Are Your Own baseline

On the topic of your wants and needs being unique to you and not up for debate or comparison, being selfish, and worthiness. Many people have been told by society or those around them that their needs are too much – the baseline of what is too much is someone else’s experience, external. Reset the baseline back to you!

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🎧 Show Notes:

00:00 Intro
01:14 Opening
01:37 Finding Yourself not Asserting Boundaries?
03:01 Your Needs are not up for Debate
03:43 Animals Get to have Needs
04:24 We get to have that as well!
08:21 We need to be selfish
09:40 People without Needs are not a Fair Baseline
11:41 How to Feel into Your Worthiness
14:22 Outro

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