June 24, 2020

125a: A{Live} Now: The Next Adventure: Sound Bites From Off the Grid + Horse Life

In this continuation of the field trip — you’ll hear some sound bites in this next adventure of living off the grid and living with five horses at Silver Horse Retreat with Sara Fancy in California. A taste of the basics of living in harmony with Earth and horses.

This is Part 2 of this A{Live{ Now Episode. In Part 1, I share a bit about my life in Mexico and my travel during the COVID–19 pandemic from Mexico to San Diego.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:37 Starting the Day

03:11 Reflecting on Time

04:05 Being Greeted by Animal Life

05:49 Going from a Condo to the Earth

06:29 Audio Experience of Mucking Out

08:17 Going for Groceries

08:58 Where the Horses Move and Difference to Ireland

14:02 Hello Diva

17:08 The Relationship with Horses

25:03 Presence with Horse and Nature Sounds

27:55 Outro

29:21 The Embody Newsletter

29:34 Greetings from the Horses

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