June 3, 2020

123: A{Live} Now: Racism is in the Body, BLM + Hidden Race Wounds

I stand with Black people and see you. I stand with all the people who desire that Black people have the right to live and breathe.

Witnessing the protests from Mexico that are happening as a result of systemic violence on Black folks (re-ignited by George Floyd and many that have died at the hands of the police) has inspired me to talk vulnerably and candidly about some experiences where I noticed my own racism coming to the surface — fears that have been held through my ancestry.

I speak to how I can have the best of intentions, and still find something that its racist — and what I did about it.

Racism is held in the body.

No matter how well intentioned it is to say, “I believe in equality,” — there are likely some unconscious ways that your body experiences something else, likely rooting in trauma — a wound of your own, your ancestry’s, your culture’s, or your past lives/dimensional experiences’.

This is also an invitation, whoever you are and for all that are interested, to have some gentleness in being with whatever you feel — no matter what it is.

That’s the most essential part of healing our systemic race issues — is acknowledging what is there — what you feel and the beliefs and attitudes that reveal through your body.

This is an invitation to look at your own lived wounds and beliefs — the ones you hide from yourself — that give way to a collective experiences of racism.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:40 Opening

03:28 Watching the Protests

05:43 For Allies and Others

06:35 It is Important to Feel Whatever You Are Feeling!

07:50 My Own Racism

13:37 See the Pain and Let It Touch You

16:46 Another Experience of My Own Racism

22:21 Could We Have Space for Seeing?

24:11 Zoom Into the Present Moment

25:06 The Unconscious Has a Great Effect

27:41 Topics Coming Up

30:02 Suggestions for Other Episodes

31:16 Experiential: Supporting Your Body Through Nervous System Overwhelm

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