March 23, 2020

114: The Courage to Be Honest As Who You Are Today

How much capacity do you have to be honest about who you are today on your journey? Instead of covering up parts of yourself or polishing them to perfection or false prettiness — to move through your life honestly and to see others in their moment to moment existence, experience, and reactions as well?

I’ve often struggled with sharing myself in an honest way. Sometimes that’s my feelings or opinions, and sometimes that’s just fear of certain parts of me being exposed.

Listen in on how I feel called to be more directly and clearly myself and all the fears that come up with it. Do you have similar fears of being yourself and speaking your truth?

Identity crisis and reinvention, self-honesty and being more fully self-expressed — this is what’s happening with me now — and in my sharing to the outer world and relationships.

Also in this episode: how losing hair related to my grandfather’s loss of his parents to starvation, how it brought forward a greater sense of acceptance for my journey and who I am and my body, dependency, and attachment.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:27 Opening

02:42 My Identity Crisis

04:25 A Call for More of Who We Are

06:40 Mention of Liz La Force

07:23 Losing My Hair! Exploration Around It

11:50 A Recent Astrology Reading by Elena @hiddengiftastrology

16:41 Mother Ocean vs Mother Earth

21:26 Does This Relate to You? Questions to Explore.

27:16 Coming Back to the Present Moment

29:20 My Invitation to You

31:47 Outro

33:17 The Embody Newsletter

33:26 Mariachi Music from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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