March 2, 2020

113: a{Live} now: Let the Flame Burn the Match, Surrender, and No Death

The Embody Podcast turned two years old in early February! It is now a toddler. Listen in for some new updates about the podcast in the next coming weeks plus how a deeper surrender and trust called for some hard choices.

I share about how I’ve been touched by people in Mexico here, treating me like family, giving me a deep sense of safety and belonging.

I read some excerpts from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Book: No Death, No Fear — his ideas have been touching some of the grief and breaking down constructs of fear in me. I’m loving the clarity that to be in expansion is to let the fire burn the match all the way and all life is a continuation.

His ideas helped something click: that my ancestors also belong to me as much as I belong to them and they live in my body, in my every step, in my heart and through my eyes.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

03:14 Sponsored: Free Skillshare Dream Class by Candice Wu

04:10 Opening With a Soul Check-In

06:57 Recommendation: Proprioceptive Writing

07:23 Mexico — Oh Beautiful

09:23 What I’ve Been Receiving

10:46 Challenging Surrender

11:40 What I Found: Change Around the Podcast

14:21 Follow Through on Intuition

15:49 What is Coming…

16:38 We Only Know What We Know

17:26 What Else I’ve Been Learning/Exploring/Finding

20:17 Exploring Dia De Los Muertos and My Ancestors Belong to Me Too

20:17 Dia De Los Muertos and Family Constellation

25:55 Recommended Episode About Family Constellation

26:24 No Death No Fear

28:55 Where Will I Be in 300 Years?

30:11 Returning to Old Episodes

31:17 The Embody Newsletter

31:44 Thank You ❤️

32:08 Outro

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