January 6, 2020

105: Travel on a Prism — An Experiential to Journey Through time to Support Your Present Day Self

Journey through time by rainbow travel to the past and future selves — The past that can fortify a sense of ok-ness, strength, or feeling like yourself, and the future self or a loving person that gives you a new awareness of whatever you are experiencing now.

In this experiential, open a sense of agreement with life as it is now so that it can compel and move you forward with an integration of your experience. Beyond acceptance, love yourself through what is now, appreciating the journey, and inviting your future self to bring any needed or desired support.

Also in this episode, I share about some upcoming juicy and sensual topics for the year and what has been going on in my astrology and life.


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Brought to You My Ally With Death Audio Experiential

Ally With Death Audio Experiential — Sale Ends today, Jan 6, 2020, at midnight Central time — USA.

Once you order the experience, it’s an mp3 that is yours forever — and you can use it again any time you’d like.

It’s lovely to do anytime, especially as we are into the new year, shifting in season, during a moon cycle/new moon or even full moon, or if you’re seeking more clarity, healing, support, and embodiment. If you feel weighed down, heavy, or stuck, this is a great time to tune in and let yourself journey in this process.

Experience a movement through what needs to die and end in your life, bringing forward your vitality and meaning in this next stretch of your path.

All those feelings that have been accumulating, relationships that still feel triggering, or ways you talk to yourself or situations that you’re just “over” — let them truly resolve and heal through this process — giving a clear space for what wants to emerge through you in your life.

It can be truly transformative and transmutive, giving a compost that fertilizes new life.

More about the Experiential at CandiceWu.com/death.


Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:11 On Sale — The Ally With Death Audio Experiential

03:34 Happy New Year — 2020

04:04 A Few Updates about Candice — Lot’s of Rage and Grief

06:18 Doing a Constellations Workshop With Other Healers

07:24 Coming Into the New Year With a Focus on Pleasure — Experiencing a Sexocology Session

10:31 What’s to Come on the Podcast?

12:07 My Wishes for Your 2020 — More Pleasure

12:29 Todays Topic & Experiential — Transcending Time

13:56 I Don’t Believe Time Heals Necessarily

15:08 Our Experience is to Knowing Ourselves More Deeply

16:54 The Experiential — Inviting Yourself to Travel in Time

28:50 Transitioning and other Experientials

30:54 On Sale — The Ally With Death Audio Experiential

31:00 The Embody Newsletter

31:25 The Embody Experientials Database

31:39 Gratitude

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