December 23, 2019

103: A{Live Now}: What Took Me Almost 10 Years to Achieve

I’ve finally ‘achieved’ something that I’ve been working on for YEARS! It is something I have craved and that has been a life goal (at least for the last 10 years off an on) and left me with some mystery and confusion.

Tune in to find out what I’ve finally experienced — I think it may surprise you.

Also in this episode: taking up the freedom to shake things up the way it would work for you, recognize where you’re bound by future fears, simplicity, and breathing room for what do you desire.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:40 Support the Podcast, Thank You ❤

02:56 Achieving Something Major — Being Bored

05:25 What Does It Feel Like to Be Bored?

06:18 What Do We Do to Fill the Void?

08:22 Sudbury Schools — Boredom Leading to Excitement

10:37 Just Being and Sitting With the Feeling

11:13 Do We Avoid Boredom? Do We Have to Be in Motion All the Time?

12:23 Fertile Ground for My Book About Money

13:32 Boredom — The Mystery Spot

16:10 What Else Is Alive for You? What if You Gave Your Body What It Wanted?

21:19 Approaching the New Year — 2020

21:50 It’s Not Always Easy and Can Come After a Time of Turmoil — Being Loving Toward Yourself

23:48 With Simplicity, Loving, and Care

25:41 This Was an Outpouring of Randomness 🙈

26:42 Closing With Lovingness

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