December 11, 2019

101a: Experiential: Open the Space to Catch a Daydream

Surrender into a state of being that opens curiosity, witness, and spaciousness for a nourishing Daydreaming session. This supports the body in being the container for Mystery and creativity coming through you, parts of yourself being revealed, or supportive rest.


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Sponsored by the Ally with Death Experiential

Come back to your sensual, curious, playful, present self with the Ally With Death Experiential. Now, it is an AUDIO experience!

It’s important to let die what needs to die.

Our relationship with Death gives us Life – If we do not honor death, can we really know what it is to live? Are we able to assert our lives fully and be present to life?

When we resist death, we resist life.

I am thrilled to announce that the Ally With Death Experiential is now a guided audio recording full of moody and provocative music and my voice guiding you through a death of old ways of being, habits, and beliefs, and a rebirth into what would feel more like you, life-giving, and present!

This is a beautiful recording featuring music from Larry Saint Germain to shake up the decay and stagnancy inside. If you are feeling stuck, stagnant, ready for what’s next, curious, depressed or anxious about life, uncertain, intrigued about how death can support life, want to get clarity for yourself, or just interested in following nature’s guidance to go inward and let die what needs to die.

Learn more about the Audio Experiential at


Show Notes

0:00 Intro

0:49 Opening

1:22 Preparation

2:03 How to Support Yourself

2:27 The Experiential

16:54 Closing the Experiential

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