December 9, 2019

101: Daydream: Breathing Room for the Spirit

Spend time daydreaming without an agenda. Daydreaming is a way to love yourself. Give space for your deep inner life and Soul to play. Allow breathing room for your Spirit. Daydreaming offers space for creative life energy of the universe to come through you and can be restful, healing, or revealing. Time for the unexpected, the unimagined, and the unplanned is essential for your wild inner life to thrive!

In this episode, I talk about the benefits of Daydreaming and ways to enter into a dreamspace. I share how to awaken curiosity and openness that gives space for the depths to emerge.

Sometimes what arrives are aspects of yourself that want to be heard, healed, or expressed in your daily life, sometimes it is nonsensical thoughts that spring into practical and inspired ideas, and other times it is to fuel your creative and imaginal spirit and life.

Let mystery be alive through your dream time!


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It’s important to let die what needs to die.

Our relationship with Death gives us Life – If we do not honor death, can we really know what it is to live? Are we able to assert our lives fully and be present to life?

When we resist death, we resist life.

I am thrilled to announce that the Ally With Death Experiential is now a guided audio recording full of moody and provocative music and my voice guiding you through a death of old ways of being, habits, and beliefs, and a rebirth into what would feel more like you, life-giving, and present!

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:12 Opening EP101 — Thank You!

01:49 This Episode — A Daydreaming Enthusiast

03:47 Support the Podcast by Purchasing the Ally With Death Audio Experiential

06:10 Check-in With Yourself — Inward or Outward?

08:27 What Daydreaming is About

11:27 How to Daydream More Consciously — The Allowing Space

13:12 What Happens if You Don’t Allow Space for Daydreaming

15:34 Preparing to Access Your Dream Space

17:43 Ways to Access Your Waking Dream Space

22:59 Do You Allow This for Yourself?

24:00 What is Your Feedback, Your Thoughts?

25:08 Gratitude

25:28 The Embody Newsletter

25:58 The Embody Podcast Database

26:43 Sendoff

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