This episode is a rerun of EP30 which was originally published on 2018–07–23.

What do you do when you’ve absorbed others’ energy or emotions?

How do you know if you have?

How do you stay grounded and have clear energetic boundaries so that you don’t pick up what’s not yours?

Are you an Empath?

Do you have the experience that you’re like a magnet or velcro to others’ negative feelings, leaving you fatigued and irritable?

Perhaps you’re not sure whether what you feel is yours or someone else’s.

This episode is all about energy, how to deal with others’ energies, sorting and releasing absorbed energy or emotions from your own, and strengthening your own energetic field. From tips and tools to stay grounded being an empath or empathic, all the way down to the core beliefs and ways of being that open you up to receiving or feeling responsible for others’ energy.

Following the Podcast are three healing experientials to support your energetic strength, clarity and awareness:

  • Sorting and Clearing your Vibration
  • Getting on the Grid: Grounding and Anchoring into the Universal Order
  • Healing Experiential: Ancestral Order – Clearing up Energetic Responsibility and Receiving the Best
  • A Family Constellations experiential to support you in clearing up unconscious bonds of responsibility where responsibility is not yours, releasing you of emotions or energies that belong someone else in your lineage, and shifting you into your true and natural position to fully receive the best of your family system while leaving the rest.


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If you’re craving this kind of experience, I’ll support you in being at ease in your own body and spirit, tapping into your intuition and wisdom, and somatic and ancestral healing around anything you’re experiencing or challenged with each month.

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

2:19 Opening + Picking Up the Energy of a Room

4:19 Understanding Where It’s Coming From

5:17 What I’ve Learned to Navigate

5:49 Do You Absorb Energy?

7:11 Whose Energy Is It?

7:29 5 Parts of This Podcast

Part 1: How We Can Understand Absorbing Others’ Energy

8:27 What Is an Empath?

10:32 My Most Natural State

10:58 We All Have the Ability / Vata in Ayurveda

13:35 It’s Really Hard for the Nervous System to Develop if There Has Been Disruption or Trauma in Childhood

14:29 in Family Constellations: Child Comes in to Take Responsibility for What’s Missing

15:38 Narcissism Parents

16:07 Projective Identification

17:28 Rocks as an Example

18:46 Balanced State

19:12 How Your Physical & Energetic Boundary Can Be Broken

19:56 Most Powerful Is a Place of Choice

Part 2: How to Stay grounded/tips of the Trade

20:13 Staying Grounded & Strengthening Your Energy Boundary

20:25 Finding Distance

20:45 Sending Energy Down | 500 Pounds

21:10 Imagine Your Energy Boundary

23:12 Be Like an Animal

24:02 Body Scan

24:47 Setting Healthy Boundaries | No

25:13 Giving Away Your Energy. Always Saying Yes. It’s a Parasite.

25:45 Sri Lanka Story – Parasites

26:14 Most Vulnerable When I Don’t Want to Be in the Situation

26:35 Eating Grounding Foods

27:11 Lots of Information ????

27:26 Zip Up Technique

28:03 Getting on the Grid

28:12 Inspiration From Alex Grey Artwork

28:59 the Approach Around People

Part 3: What Do You Do if You Have Picked Up Other’s Energy?Knowing What’s Yours and What’s Not

29:59 How Do You Know if You Have Picked Energy?

30:11 How to Cleanse

30:41 Lion’s Breath | Coughing Up Energy

32:22 Checking in When Not Sure

32:41 the Strongest Tool | Checking in With Myself

33:46 Talking to My Body | Whose Is This?

34:04 Clearing Someone Else’s Energy

34:49 if Energy Does Not Want to Go… Asking What It Needs to Release or Go

Part 4 + 5: Strengthen Your Own boundary/healing Up the Ruptures

35:11 Whatever Is Left Is Probably Mine | Ruptured Boundary

36:03 Example: Immigration Story

38:47 Strengthening Your Own Boundaries

39:19 Slowly, Slowly

40:48 Hands for Receiving

41:49 Moving Responsibility / It’s Not My Job.

42:47 Being Worthy of Receiving

44:02 I’m Bigger, Better, or Smarter! (Seriously?)

45:14 Let’s Look at the Root – Why Do You Absorb?

45:30 “I Forgive Myself, for Judging Myself, for Believing…”

46:31 Human Consciousness | Distorted Beliefs

46:49 Outro

48:11 Patreon

The effects of falls and accidents or other impacts on the physical body can accumulate over time if there was something that the body wanted to do that it didn’t get to.

Especially when it comes to the need to protect yourself where you didn’t get to, the body holds the impulse of that survival energy in its viscera, muscles, and joints.

I’ve seen where accidents from years ago can still have an effect on the body, energy, and emotional state now. Sometimes the body, even if the mind knows differently, doesn’t register that you ARE safe and ok.

In this Episode: Recognize the symptoms of falls and accidents, how accidents and falls can bring up other trauma including relational, attachment, and sexual, and tips to bring your body back into safety and renegotiate these traumas.


Links, Article, and Resources

All Show Notes for This Episode


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Newsletter & Embody Community


Donations – Your Support Means So Much!


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Self-Touch supports healing the nervous system on a deep level.

This episode is sponsored by the Online Touch Workshops that you can access at your own pace and timing.

Supportive self-touch can deepen your capacity to navigate all that you feel, your pleasure, and the ability to heal trauma and be in your body. It can soothe, bring ease, and peace.

I am offering a 2-Part Somatic and Energetic Healing Touch series that gives you 9 basic and simple tools, with how to direct your awareness to enhance your own presence and self-support. Part 2 gives you ways to use your wall to release and complete anger, frustration, and fight responses, as well as strengthen your boundaries and feel that you are supported — that someone’s got your back — and that’s you!

Find both online workshops at where you can tune in at your leisure. For a limited time, they are “pay what you can/want” at a sliding scale.


Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:16 Update About Me & My Life

02:47 Intro to Accidents and Falls

04:12 Learning About Somatic Experiencing

04:48 One of My Falls in Chicago — Getting Doored

14:28 The Experience on Repeat Falls

18:28 Reintegrating the Accident

20:42 Noticing Symptoms in Your Body

26:34 Recommended Episode

27:05 Working With a Practitioner

28:13 What You Can Do Yourself or With Others

28:48 Time Compressed

30:11 Renegotiating the Trauma — Helping the Body to Digest

30:47 May Bring Up Relational Experiences

31:44 Working With My Left-Side-Falls and Past Life Trauma

34:21 Handling What Comes Up — The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

38:19 What You Can Do to Move Toward Healing

52:13 The Process of Healing — Overview

53:22 Uncovering Old Compressions & Healing Those Too

54:12 Outro

55:07 My Touch Workshop

55:41 Greetings

Money dances with you by showing you your state of being live. Neither good nor evil, it neutrally takes on the beliefs of what you believe both consciously and unconsciously and pours it out into your concrete reality, showing you a playful reflection. Money issues may reflect a wound in your soul that desires to be healed.

What’s hidden in your money consciousness?

What have you inherited about money?

In this episode, a chat about the story of money in your psyche, worthiness and value, bringing joy to your relationship with money, and the multidimensional resources you might open to — money being just one of them.


Links, Article, and Resources

All Show Notes for This Episode


 Podcast Homepage


Newsletter & Embody Community


Donations – Your Support Means So Much!


Candice Wu Page on Facebook

👫 https:///EmbodyYourNature

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro, Inspiration, and Gratitude

05:18 What Money Reflects

07:25 What is your Relationship with Money?

07:25 Relationship with Money and beliefs

10:48 How Money Can Arrive

13:38 restore Your relationship with Money

15:29 “It’s not Your Money” by Tosha Silver

18:08 Shaping my Experience: Stories Inherited

26:50 The Continual Emergence of the Money Talks

27:39 Recommended Episodes about Money

29:10 An Exchange of Joy

30:23 Let’s Connect

I’m getting married. Ha!

In this Episode, how a No Strings Attached Sexual Relationship Experience and a Mountain Bike fall brought me to a more whole unification, marriage with myself, and more expansive freedom within.

Conscious dating, self-honesty, authentic relating, existential loss, fluidity between polyamory and monogamy, releasing relationships from co-dependency and control and where I’m doing that, and seeing people from a place of harmony and freedom.

The layers of self-discovery and gifts of deep experiencing…

Also, a live Angel Card reading for myself :) that is pretty interesting.


Links, Article, and Resources

All Show Notes for This Episode


 Podcast Homepage


Newsletter & Embody Community


Donations – Your Support Means So Much!


Candice Wu Page on Facebook

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Healing Share Sponsorship Program

About 25% of my healing sessions are sliding scale with my personal contributions. If you’d like to help me in supporting others in receiving healing sessions, consider sharing your resources to support someone or your community in a unique and important way!

Consider contributing to sliding scale sessions for those who need healing support and may not be able to pay a full fee. Healing sessions can be truly life changing for someone, giving them support to integrate any trauma, bring their presence to life, or cultivate self-love.

Your support may go to someone who: is an elder, BIPOC, LGBTQIA, or a person that has been affected financially by difference and power Covid19 or Systemic Issues (systemic racism or discrimination), is an unpaid or low paid community organizer, has immigration-related expenses, has children or other dependents, is a student, or receives public assistance.

For more information about contributing or receiving from the Healing Share, check out this link at


Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:35 Opening

3:29 Me and Polyamory

4:54 Facebook Dating… No Strings Attached

8:00 Dependency, Co-dependency

12:12 Finding Strings Attached!

14:30 The Wedding Card

17:09 I fell of my Mountain Bike

20:14 The metaphor of the Log Pile Jump

21:37 Wanting Marriage and Poly

22:46 Flow In and out of Relationships

24:50 Returning to My Star Nation Bond

28:35 Authentic Relating — Closing in On What I Want

31:55 Support from a Friend

33:38 Feeling the Larger Trajectory of My Life

34:36 Building Inner Safety

36:40 Live Tarot Card Reading for Me and Maybe You?

38:44 Redefining the Relationship I want

41:48 Update Post-Podcast

42:59 Using Somatic Experiencing to Integrate the Fall

45:38 Everything Flows Once the Path is Cleared

47:18 Stepping Away from a Relationship to Release More Co-dependency

48:12 Outro

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