August 21, 2018

34a: Self-Inquiry ❤ Taking Inventory on What’s Stuck in Time

When we have moments in our life that are unintegrated, unfelt for its dark and light, or interrupted, we accumulate energy and movement in the body that gives a residue. We feel heavier over time while being more and more clouded in the present moment. We can’t quite see clearly! Take inventory on what’s stuck in time, what wants completion in your life, ancestry, and past life.

This meditation is part of the last episode about "The Past is Over" which can be found at


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The Soul Body Women’s Retreat is a spiritual and healing retreat inspired to support connecting Soul and Body, the elements of Earth and Sky within, Feminine and Masculine, and all of the opposing energies within. It is a sacred intensive of meditations, yoga, family constellations, somatic healing, and soul work to deeply heal stuckness, beliefs, or ancestral bonds and embody freedom and specific personal intentions.

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0:00 Intro

0:55 Opening

2:59 Preparation

3:27 Meditation

24:35 Outro

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Featured Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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