September 10, 2018

37: Nick Werber: Death Opens Possibility and Connection

In this podcast, Nick and I exchange lively conversation about: Family Constellations and Focalizing, Death’s power to bring more possibility and connection, how to move deeper than the mind for empowerment, trauma that isn’t ours, rules of belonging, collective trauma, and filters that we live through.  

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Sponsored by the Ally With Death Visualization

This episode is sponsored by the Ally With Death Visualization experience which stirs your inner world and soul to cleanse out the old and bring in new energy and life. What needs to be cleansed out and die? What brings you purpose and lights you up now? Do this with me in the Ally with Death Experience.

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Show Notes & Timestamps 

0:00 Intro

0:53 Sponsored by Ally With Death

1:53 Overview

3:47 Interview

4:45 Nick’s Work, the Where, What, and How

7:11 Focalizing and Somatic Therapy

8:46 Retelling a Story Does Not Help

13:30 How Do You Bring These Parts Together?

14:51 Nick’s Story

16:27 Mention of Peter Levine

16:46 Dr. Michael Picucci, Nick’s Treasured Mentor

19:20 Suzi Tucker, Teacher

20:25 Nick’s Story Around Trauma Healing & Focalizing

20:28 What if You Didn’t Directly Experience the Trauma?

22:38 Trauma Work When It Wasn’t Your Trauma

25:11 a Unique Perspective of Trauma and the Filters We Use to Manage Life

25:11 Stephan Hausner’s Work

26:31 Filters - What Are These?

27:48 What’s Exciting in Ancestral Healing

28:46 Resource and Belonging

32:08 Death! What’s So Interesting About Death…?

33:39 Memento Mori Coin & You Could Leave Life Right Now. Let That Determine What You Do and Say and Think.

34:05 What About Death When Working With Clients?

36:50 What Does Candice See in the Work With Death?

38:48 Dying Right Now

41:11 When Someone Gets to Know Family Constellations for the First Time…

43:24 the Impact of Constellations : Story

52:30 What Challenges Nick

55:55 What Do You Do to Nourish Your Body and Yourself?

56:45 Nutritionist Allison (Website: Feel Awesome Be Awesome)

57:18 Eating Organic & Competition

59:01 to You the Listener: It’s Not About the Philosophy, It’s About the Work

59:38 Protection of Others by Not Competing

1:02:47 What’s the Answer? How Can Two Experiences Exist?

1:03:05 Group Dynamics

1:03:09 Tying in Game of Thrones & the 100

1:06:29 Stepping Out of Patterns by Doing the Work

1:12:32 Audience Gift & Thanks

1:15:11 How to Find Nick

1:16:10 Outro

1:16:52 Support this Show on Patron

1:17:34 Newsletter & Community

Intro Music by Nick Werber (

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