August 20, 2018

34: Loving Yourself ❤ The Past is Over

Love yourself by catching up all the parts of you that are stuck in time so you can feel embodied now.

Have you found that your mind knows something but your emotions or your body reacts the same as it always has?

This episode is about a very important aspect of loving yourself- loving your whole self and catching yourself up to the present moment by closing the chapters of the past that are left open. Knowing that the past is over, we explore shifting the energy in the body by letting the body catch up to what you know is already over, and completing what’s incomplete.

Following this episode are three healing experientials:

  • Taking Inventory on What’s Stuck in Time
  • Completing a Chapter in the Past Through the Body
  • Releasing and Closing a Relationship That Haunts You


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Sponsorship Message

This episode is sponsored by the Ally with Death Visualization. It’s a DIY online experience that you can do any time, with a friend or by yourself. The energy of death is powerful to ally with - it gives us the energy to end things or let things die that need to in our lives, to make way for new creations, new energy, and a freer truer version of ourselves.

Especially with this episode of embodying that the past is over, it can help you take inventory of what is living inside you or your dynamics, your relationship to yourself or your outer world that needs to end or be recognized that it is already over.

Things feel overwhelming or weighing on you, make some time to do this for yourself - a great reset for the Spirit.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am so appreciative.

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Show Notes & Timestamps  

00:00 Intro

01:04 Sponsored by Ally With Death

02:04 Update on Me & Taking Pleasure

02:54 People Have Been Very Overwhelmed

04:12 Opening / Following the Trauma Episode

04:58 Introducing Today’s Episode (Being Present is Where We Can Receive)

06:11 Loving Yourself - Finding the Best Ways to Nourish All the Parts of Your Being

07:16 the Body Needs to Catch Up to Speed

07:43 When We Are Not Ourselves, It's Usually That Something is Incomplete in the Past

08:06 Cleanse It All

09:04 We Can Complete as Much as We Can

09:39 Our Consciousness is More Open to Tools and Energies

10:53 How Can We Be More of Our Own Inner Spark and Light?

11:39 Inspiration for This Episode: The Past is Over.

12:39 Personal Story About Childhood and Developmental Trauma

13:03 Looking Towards and Giving Space to My Younger Self

14:12 Closing Past Chapters / Closing & Changing the Radio Station

14:47 Parts of Us That Are Stuck in Time (What I Mean by That)

16:03 Incomplete Situations Hold & Block Energy

17:12 We Need That Energy to Move Forward!

17:40 It Needs to Move Through the Body

18:25 the Body is Not as Evolved as the Mind

19:15 Giving the Body the Experience It Needs

20:48 Soul Healing / Past Life

21:33 Tactic: Asking if It's Actually Over.

23:55 Going Deeper With Our Younger Selves

25:43 Meaning of "The Past is Over"

26:50 the Resources We Have Now

27:39 Where You Can Use This for Healing

28:42 Healing Experientials in the Next Week

28:58 Intro to Experiential: Taking Inventory

29:13 Intro to Experiential: Close a Chapter

29:38 Intro to Experiential: Completing Something Open

30:22 Closing

30:51 Patreon

31:20 Embody Community

31:32 Send Off: Find More of Yourself

Intro Music by Nick Werber (

Featured Photo by carole smile on Unsplash

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