August 13, 2018

33: Healing with Horses A Conversation about Equine Therapy with Joy Curran

How can horses help you to release limiting beliefs, fears around money, receive love and feel joyful in your life, become a better parent, or build confidence?

I was so excited to learn from special Guest Joy Curran, who offers equine assisted counseling with the help of her amazing horse Chaya. We talk about all the ways that horses can be an embodied and powerful way to learn about yourself, move through blocks and challenges, and build confidence, as well as the spiritual connection, intuitive powers, and love that horses can bring.

Listen in on our discussion right on the farm near Perth, Australia, with all of the farm animals surrounding us! We explore how we can move through blocks with interacting with a horse, how working through a horse is a lot like parenting, resolving issues of abundance and money with horses, how sexual trauma and other trauma can be healed with equine therapy, practicing forgiveness, and cultivating JOY.

Joy by name, Joy by nature. Joy lives to help others discover joy in life! Using her own experiences of overcoming anxiety and depression, Joy is able to relate deeply to others going through similar struggles.

Based in sunny Perth, Joy Curran offers equine assisted counseling and learning services with the help of her amazing horse Chaya. Joy is a qualified counsellor who uses her intuition to select from a wide range of counseling techniques and equine activities. Chaya’s name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘to sustain life, live prosperously, live for ever, be quickened, be restored to health’. These are the things that we are hoping to share with our guests.

Joy has a gentle and natural way of relating to people which helps to put you at ease right away. If you are open to it, Joy would love to pray for you and bless you. Looking for a miracle? Anything’s possible!


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Show Notes & Timestamps 


0:00 Intro

0:58 Sponsored by The Sound Sleep Album

1:42 Opening with my time in Perth

4:51 Introducing Joy

5:16 Opening Prayer

5:50 At the Farm - the Setting

6:52 Who is Joy?

8:24 Sheep Assisted Learning 😉

9:02 You can't expect anything. They just express.

9:34 Understanding Being so Big

10:19 How did you get into working with horses?

11:31 Centaurs

12:24 Being One With Horse : How?

13:53 Connection Cannot be Forced

14:37 We try to force Human Connection - And it does not work

15:53 Working on Communication

17:21 The Many Levels of Communication with Horses (physical, voice, heart, spiritual)

20:26 Joy’s Understanding of the Spiritual Realm

23:03 Natural Realm & Spiritual Realm - Heart Rate Assimilation

25:31 Equine Therapy can work with so many aspects of life!

26:23 Family: Working with a horse is a lot like parenting

28:36 Horse-onality: The Quality of Family within the Horses

30:17 Mention of Carolyn Resnick

31:47 A sense of Togetherness

32:51 Story About the Emu Coming

33:45 Chicago vs. being on the Farm - Forced to be in my body

34:53 How do You Work With abundance and money?

35:25 Siri Wants to Help LOL

35:45 Money Set Up: What are you going to do to receive / invite the horse forward?

36:29 Story about the Girl that could not go to school

37:55 Relating to Family Constellations

39:47 Working with Trauma

40:36 Learning Safety with Brushing a Horse

42:34 Working with Sexual Trauma and Development

44:16 Horse Processing for Humans

45:13 Questions from Instagram Followers: Fibromyalgia

46:01 Do you Recommend Repetition and Continued Sessions in Equine Therapy/Learning?

48:58 Challenges: What kind of Challenges do you see in your work or life?

50:01 How do you work on limited energy with yourself and the horses?

51:50 The Journey with the Joy's Name

52:59 One Tip for people for Cultivating and Being in Joy

54:04 Where do you feel Joy in Your Body?

54:31 Importance of Forgiveness

59:46 Blessing & Prayer / Where is it coming from and how do you use it?

1:05:30 Where can people find you?

1:06:33 Anything else before we end?

1:06:59 Finishing with a Blessing

1:07:35 Outro


Intro Music by Nick Werber (

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