August 25, 2018

34c: Healing Experiential ❤ Releasing and Closing a Relationship

Taking “cutting the cords” to another level, in this guided experience, let the acknowledgement of truth set you free of a relationships that is no longer aligned with your energy now. Perhaps a relationship that haunts you or one that was magical and now you’re on different paths, speaking and experiencing what is needed now may bring an honoring and release so you have space for looking forward and new relationships.

This meditation is part of the last episode about "The Past is Over" which can be found at


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This episode is sponsored by the Ally with Death Visualization. It’s a DIY online experience that you can do any time, with a friend or by yourself. The energy of death is powerful to ally with - it gives us the energy to end things or let things die that need to in our lives, to make way for new creations, new energy, and a freer truer version of ourselves.

Especially with this episode of embodying that the past is over, it can help you take inventory of what is living inside you or your dynamics, your relationship to yourself or your outer world that needs to end or be recognized that it is already over.

Things feel overwhelming or weighing on you, make some time to do this for yourself - a great reset for the Spirit.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am so appreciative.

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Featured Photo by travelnow.or.crylater on Unsplash

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