September 17, 2018

38: Commitment & Conviction: Being Unruffled in Collaborating With the Universe

Being yourself and manifesting what you desire requires meaning it… commitment to what you want and the conviction to get you there.

All the while collaborating with the universe, surrendering, and staying unruffled when things don’t go your way.

It’s a little tough love towards what you desire and the journey along the way.

In this episode, learn about:

  • The story of getting schooled by my horse in COMMITING while horseback riding
  • How learning to growl, reclaiming the ability to be angry, and resolving trauma, has made me more able to receive what I want
  • Staying unruffled and on your course are powerful in manifestation
  • And how to listen and collaborate with the universe without sending it mixed messages

A Little About A{Live} Now

I’ve found that when I share what’s true in the moment, there is so much ALIVENESS and fullness in me.

That’s why I started the the A{Live} Now mini-series, which is within the Embody Podcast. This is the second episode and I intend to share what’s happening in my real life and in my inner world, what’s truly full and alive now.

What’s alive now in me has often been what’s filled the juicy stuff of life: themes, joys, or challenges that others may also be experiencing, a fear and other emotions that bring me to the edge of my fullest expression in the moment.

As you listen, I will also share snippets of how you can support your own heart and soul, know yourself, be your fullest, or heal and love yourself.


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Show Notes & Timestamps  

0:00 Intro

0:47 Sponsored by YOU, My Clients

1:46 Where I am and what I am doing :)

3:01 Still Room at the Retreat

3:35 What is A{Live} Now?

4:07 Today’s Topics starts with a Horse Story

6:38 Teacher Says: You have to commit!

7:04 What does it look like to commit?

8:27 Conflicts about how to stay committed and work with horses

9:03 Committing, Growling, and Going Through

10:10 Similar to working with kids

10:51 Loving Relationship & Consequences

11:15 Growling at Sage

11:43 Why this story… What happens day-to-day?

12:03 Fear of your own goals / actually being committed in the face of the universe

12:57 Knowing and Believing

13:43 Agreement From the Universe

14:22 How Sage reacted to my conviction…

14:45 Transferring Conviction into Life

15:17 Completing Trauma to be Free

16:47 How do I collaborate with (not dominate) the universe?

17:54 Staying the Course & Rest & Getting back On

19:00 Zen Buddhism: Dealing with Reactions

19:33 Is what I want in accordance with the Universe?

20:09 Yoga = Union

21:05 Sharing my Desires & Shifting into Spirit

21:43 What place am I acting from?

23:12 What do I want, what’s for me?

24:07 Energy of Conviction & Clarity

24:36 Voice Lessons: Learning to Express & Getting Unstuck

26:14 Masculine/Directed Energy

26:46 We are here to learn in every possibility

28:18 Firmness Vs Anger 🙈

29:33 Encouraging YOU: Ask yourself these Questions!

32:20 Outro

32:55 Podcast Website

33:10 Embody Community & Newsletter


Intro Music by Nick Werber
Featured Photo by Nikki Jeffrey on Unsplash

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