August 27, 2018

35: Caitlin Parsons ❤ Find Your Non-Negotiables

In this podcast, Caitlin shares about 6 ways to stand in your empowerment, finding inner resource, the benefits of yoga nidra and yoga therapy, the loving act of tuning into your body’s needs and non-negotiables, and how to manage dental anxiety.

Caitlin’s passion is to create a space for curiosity and the unfolding. She is a teacher, student, nature lover, and adventurer at heart-based in San Diego, California. Caitlin has spent thousands of hours experiencing, studying, teaching, and training in all things therapeutic yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, and sound healing. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist, 500hr E-RYT, and a Wellness Advocate.

Caitlin shares her love and passion for transformation through her supporting her students in an online program called The Embodiment Academy, where she takes a deep dive into meditation, mindfulness, movement, breath work, self-care, and self-inquiry. This program involves education, coaching support and strategy for creating daily habits. Caitlin also continues to bridge her therapeutic knowledge and practice into her education as a Dental Hygienist to help those suffering from physical, mental or emotional discomfort or pain through her 6-week Online Yoga Therapy Program and offering continuing education courses.


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Sponsored by The Soul Body Women’s Retreat

This episode is brought to you by the Soul Body Women’s Retreat that will adventure in October 2018.

The Soul Body Women's Retreat is a spiritual journey for women who deeply desire to sync Soul and Body, to live effortlessly and at home in themselves — from the heart and in their creative brilliance — and to transform, reclaim, and call up all of who they TRULY are. A sacred week of nourishing and healing through sisterhood, nature, embodied healing practices, Family and Spiritual Constellations, yoga and meditation - while immersing in the depths and reaches of earth and sky in Zion National Park, Utah. 

For this and future retreats, you can find out more information here. Your support in sharing or joining a retreat helps me make more healing albums, content, and create more podcast episodes. I am grateful for your support!

For This and Future Retreats,

Show Notes & Timestamps 

0:00 Intro

0:57 Sponsored by the Soul Body Women’s Retreat

1:44 Introduction

2:36 Opening

2:55 What Caitlin Does and How She Got Started

4:26 What Did Your First Yoga Class Feel Like?

6:34 Caitlin’s Inspiration to Do the 1000-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Which Tradition and What Are You Using Today)?

8:10 Mention San Diego Soul of Yoga in Encinitas

8:51 How Do You See Meditation, Yoga, and Sound Healing?

10:45 The Pain From Childhood

12:05 Mention of Energetic BoundariesPodcast Episode

12:56 How Do You Support Others to Be in Alignment?

15:26 How Do You Guide Clients to More Inner Resource?

16:28 What Continues to Show Up for You?

18:37 Inner Resource: How Do You See This, How It Expands in Your Work, and How You Help People Connect to It?

20:04 Attunement, Holding Space, Never General

20:04 Yoga Nidra and Why It’s So Powerful

22:11 Mentioning Yoga Nidra Meditation Coming Up

22:37 What Is Yoga Nidra?

24:16 Mention of Richard Miller, Phd - Work Through Yoga Nidra With Ptsd

24:26 Mention of Nischala Joy Devi - Finding Your Inner Resource

25:45 6 Ways to Learn How to Stand in Your Essence

30:39 What Are Your Non-Negotiables? And Starting the Morning Magical

32:52 Her Non-Negotiable: Do Not Jump on Social Media in the Morning

33:59 What Else Nourishes You Right Now?

35:12 Meditation About Dental Anxiety

39:20 Fear of Loosing Teeth, Dreamworld

41:05 Lightning Round

41:24 What Are Some of the Ways That Life Has Surprised You?

41:43 What’s the First Thing You’d Say or Do After Being Frozen for a Long Time?

42:32 What Question Would You Most Like the Answer To?

43:09 Mention of Embodiment Academy

44:20 What’s an Opinion That’s You Have That Is Against the Grain?

45:26 Do You Remember Your Dreams?

46:39 Yoga Nidra Practice and Other Extras

47:38 Where Can People Find You?

48:14 The Embodiment Academy Group

50:28 Thank You to Caitlin

50:52 Sendoff

51:07 Outro

52:11 Embody Community

52:40 Your Support Matters


Intro Music by Nick Werber (

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