November 18, 2019

98: Taking vs. Receiving — Part 2 — Deepen Your Capacity to Receive… Cleanse Your Ideas of Taking, Receiving, and Giving

With this episode, let’s cleanse our personal permission to receive and explore how receiving can relate and be blocked by feelings of betrayal within our ancestry and the collective, saying NO, expectations and attachments, our body’s visceral reactions to receiving and belief sets.

A self-exploration on:

  • What is receiving and what does it require us to feel and do?
  • Receiving is all connected to our body’s visceral reactions
  • Our belief sets (and where they come from) that block us from deepening receiving what we desire
  • What do you feel allowed, worthy of, and able to receive? Love, sensuality, abundance, money, compliments, touch…

Plus a sharing about a recent experience with a ghost that I now would rather call a spirit or ancestor and my experiences with Molly Shanahan/Mad Shak Dance Company recently around movements born from trauma.

This conversation is Part 2 of 3 on the investigation and self-inquiry around taking, receiving, and giving. Last week, I explored the developmental need and assertive tool of taking — the benefits of being able to take and how taking comes before giving in the spectrum of life.

Listen to Part 1: Taking vs. Receiving: Cleanse Your Ideas of Taking Receiving, and Giving

Next week — Part 3: Giving With Awareness


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It’s important to let die what needs to die.

Our relationship with Death gives us Life — If we do not honor death, can we really know what it is to live? Are we able to assert our lives fully and be present to life?

When we resist death, we resist life.

I am thrilled to announce that the Ally With Death Experiential is now a guided audio recording full of moody and provocative music and my voice guiding you through a death of old ways of being, habits, and beliefs, and a rebirth into what would feel more like you, life-giving, and present!

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:56 Finally! The Release of the Ally With Death Experiential

03:36 Grounding in This Moment

04:25 Where I Am: Dance Company Work

06:28 My Ghost Room in Buxton Inn

11:44 A New Astrology Reading by Elena

13:12 Review of Part 1 of This Series

14:47 Receiving: What is Receiving?

15:23 The Biggest Thing About Receiving: It is All in the Body!

19:18 Mention Abraham Hicks — the Receptive Mode

20:25 We Come Into This Life Through and With a Family & Cultural System

22:41 The Personal — mother/father Nervous System Safety

23:14 What Was Your Impression When You Entered This Life?

24:24 Nature vs. Nurture — a Collaboration

25:02 Receiving: What Comes to Mind for You? My Story

26:36 We Can Receive Wanted and Unwanted…

28:44 Asking Yourself What Receiving Has Been Like in Your Life?

30:44 Painful Receiving? Beautiful Receiving Within Healing

32:17 What Causes a Blockage of Receiving?

37:55 We Are Interconnected With Love and All Creatures — is the Suffering of Other Beings Blocking You From Having?

40:01 Story: My Ancestors Suffering is Not My Suffering

42:01 Learn the Ability to Say “No”

42:38 Fear of Not Having It if There is Attachment

43:42 We All Have the Right to Receive

44:55 Reflection of Beliefs Around Receiving — Questions for You

49:30 Forgiveness Statements

51:32 When You Receive: Check How You Receive It?

52:37 Mention Ken Honda

54:18 Resources to Building More Capacity in Yourself to Receive

55:44 As You Receive, Others Have More Permission to Receive

56:35 Supporting the Embody Podcast

57:25 The Embody Newsletter

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