November 11, 2019

97: Taking vs. Receiving — Part 1 — Permission to Take… Cleanse Your Ideas of Taking, Receiving, and Giving

This conversation offers an investigation and self-inquiry around taking, receiving, and giving. We often overvalue giving and stigmatize taking — that taking is selfish, impolite, or that we shouldn’t… we certainly shouldn’t take too much. And we often moralize that it is better to receive than to take. Does that limit us in our fullness?

We need to be able to take. It is an assertive action we can play with and use when we need it. Taking space, taking your own time, taking up space, taking what we need, and ultimately taking our place. My teacher, Suzi Tucker, says that it is first “take, then give.” Taking comes before giving.

In this episode, I discuss our developmental need to take, what beliefs may interfere with our ability to assert and take what we need or desire, taking too much and its relationship with scarcity, and the wounds and messages we may have received and internalized that make it hard for us to take and receive.

This is part one of the series: Cleanse Your Ideas of Taking Receiving, and Giving. Next week: Opening Your Capacity to Receive


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When we resist death, we resist life.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:11 Opening

02:21 Sponsored by the Ally With Death Audio Experiential

05:50 Birthing New by Embracing Death

07:08 Letting Go of Protecting Others Around My Desires

08:22 Opening Up Through Forgiveness Statements

09:34 Feeling More Aligned With the Present Moment… Less Attached to the Future and Outcomes

10:39 Horses Just Go for What They Want!

11:05 This Does Not Mean Not to Think About the Future

11:31 What in You is Dying?

12:27 Honoring Ourselves Around the Holiday Season

13:26 Meditation: Take This Moment With Some Letting Go and Being With Yourself

15:21 Taking - Part 1: The Meaning

16:50 Clearing the Stigma Around Taking

18:06 the Overvaluing of Giving: Depleting Yourself, Why Are You Giving?

19:42 the Developmental Experience of Taking: Taking Before You Can Give

23:13 Being Able to Ask for What We Want and Take It

24:15 Taking: Not What is Not Yours or More Than You Need

25:38 Greed: Taking What is Not Mine as a Proxy to Fix Basic Needs

27:26 Check-in: What is Your Relationship With Taking?

31:12 Our Place in the World: The Right Place is Always Taken, Not Given - Suzi Tucker

37:42 Messages and Judgments We Hear When We Take

38:34 You Decide What You Need, and What You Need is What You Need

39:17 You Have a Place in This World. That’s a Given.

40:11 Check-in: What Kinds of Beliefs Come Up for You?

41:10 Having and Creating Boundaries for Yourself to Take What You Need

42:04 Outro — Part 2 Comes Next Week

42:33 The Embody Newsletter

43:00 My Gratitude & Support Options for the Podcast

43:58 The Embody Meditations Database

44:25 Sending You Into the Week

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