November 4, 2019

96: Creating a Subversive Sisterhood of Saints + Holy Women Icons Project With Angela Yarber

Angela brings forward the Goddess within along with the stories and lives of women of color and queer women through history that have been often hidden or left in the dark corners! She supports women who have been hurt or confined by versions of spirituality, those who are exhausted by the larger constructs that can oppress, and those who bring their own empowering life forward through her life journey as well as her programs at Holy Women Icons Project.

In this podcast, Angela discusses bringing forward stories that call up a reflection of our self-worth, love, resilience, and strength; her experiences of microaggression in the spiritual community, and her experiences of being a queer clergywoman for 14 years. We have discussions about how the spirituality that was handed to her was a version that felt too confining for the essence of her being that was passionate about dance, arts, and writing.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:32 About This Episode

3:10 Sponsored by the Ally With Death Experiential

5:36 Introducing Angela

5:54 Opening

6:57 From Performing Arts to Religious Christian Conversion Experience and Back

12:06 Mention — Story of Lilith (First Woman in the Garden of Eden)

13:49 About the Holy Women Icons Project

16:29 Learning to Be What We Can’t See: How Angela Makes These Women From History Visible

19:06 The Subversive Sisterhood of Saints: Who is Guiding Angela Today?

19:43 The Story of Pauli Murray

26:12 Lifting the Women of Color Because They Show a Resilience We Rarely Find in Other Places

27:22 Finding Yourself in Queer / Women of Color Stories Even Though Angela is a White Queer Woman (Alternative: Lifting Others Without the Need to Shine a Light on Oneself or Appropriating)

30:10 Sexuality and Sensuality in the Spiritual Understanding

31:05 Mention — Shulamite Story: The History of the Belly Dance

36:58 Reclaiming Your Define Connection in Yourself and Everything — “Educating the Mind Without Educating the Heart is No Education at All.” —Aristotle

39:46 Ritual Exercises Mean Much More When Done Than Reading About It

42:19 Angela’s Upcoming Retreat: Holy Woman Within: A New Year’s Retreat for Spiritual Creatives

42:35 Mention — Darshan Mendoza

44:12 Women’s Empowerment Work — Like a Power Saw — Let’s Switch Out the Power System

53:14 Preaching in All Kinds of Different Ways That This World is Beautiful and Injust, Let’s Change That.

54:42 Creating More Expansion: Burning Down in Creation

55:41 Special Retreat Offer for Angela’s Holy Women Retreat

57:38 Closing Blessing by Angela Yarber

58:22 Find Angela’s Work Online

59:24 Outro

1:00:01 The Holy Women Icons Project and Retreat

1:00:23 The Embody Newsletter

1:00:44 Sendoff

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