October 28, 2019

95: A{Live} Now: Piecing Together Past Lives + Reclaiming Magic From Other Worlds

In this brief episode, I share how two more past lives have been revealed to me through my grief and darkness and the magic I have reclaimed because of it. Time-traveling really far back — one life as a dragon and one in Lemuria — I am recalibrating ancient knowings that never previously made sense but do now through a part of me that has known all along. Listen in for a life that was never lived, and bringing utopia to life as it is now.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:15 Opening — Going-ons, Healing Immersion, and Current Astrological Happenings

02:48 The Past Week — Lot’s of Grief and Old Patterns

04:10 How Astrological Overload Can Show Itself?

05:02 Intro Meditation — Feeling Into the Moment

06:09 How I Have Been Slowing Down and Appreciate Myself?

06:43 Today’s Topics: Experiences That Have Enlivened in Me

08:36 What I See in Observing Myself Right Now

10:10 How Past Lives Come to Me

10:50 The Ojibwe Life Exploration With My Friend From Kenya: Dragon or Human? One Life That Didn’t Get Lived.

15:40 Curiosity: How Are You Reacting to This Story? Resistance? Skepticism? Acceptance? Joy?

16:11 The Endless Grief of the World: Disconnection of Family & All That Is

21:59 Bringing the Lost Magic to This Life

23:22 Not Knowing What You Are Realizing/How to Receive Messages Coming to You

25:26 What I Am Noticing for Myself in This Healing Work: Energetical Change in My Resonance.

26:15 Sometimes the Process is Painful and Sometimes Delightful

26:52 My Wishes for You This Week

27:17 The Embody Newsletter

27:41 And for fun — What’s Going on: The NOW list

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