October 21, 2019

94: The Teeny Tiny Shifts and Changes in the Nervous System That Your Body Builds On

Noticing our body’s level of coherence and vibrating with the rightness of our being brings even more trust and healing. In this podcast, I talk about the things you can notice that your body does to tell you that healing is happening. When you notice these, you can develop your body trust and boost your innate healing.

The nervous system builds upon this to develop body trust and innate healing, the experience that you can trust that your body innately knows its way and allow it to lead. This can also help when you feel stuck or have that thought that nothing’s changing in your life or your healing process, for when you feel down on yourself or overwhelmed.

Look for teeny tiny things that are already happening and transforming to support you.


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Sponsored by the Embodied Healing Group Call

The Embodied Healing Group Call sponsored the funds to produce and create this episode.

The Group call is a monthly group online to enjoy embodied support, empowering connection, and healing guidance! A truly powerful exchange of love and transformation for your contribution.

If you’re craving this kind of experience, I’ll support you in being at ease in your own body and spirit, tapping into your intuition and wisdom, and somatic and ancestral healing around anything you’re experiencing or challenged with each month.

Each Group Healing Session is limited to 4 patrons and will be 60 mins long, once a month online.

Learn more about the Group Call at CandiceWu.com/groupcall


Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:11 Sponsored by the Embodied Group Healing Call

01:50 Funny — I Already Did This Episode

03:40 Opening — Just Finished SE Training Adv. 2

05:59 Mind & Touch Communication With the Horses

07:26 Review — EP92 — Nervous System Overwhelm & Its Signs

10:17 In This Episode: Let’s Have Ease Instead of Toughness or Pain

10:58 Noticing the Positive in Yourself & Being Grateful

15:34 Something Went Wright in Your Family Lineage for You to Be Here

18:12 The Power of Your Awareness

21:46 The Tiny Shifts You Might Notice

22:54 1. Spontaneous Organic Breath

23:42 2. Micro or Large Movement in Your Body

26:08 3. Seeing Differently

27:32 4. Settling, Spaciousness, or Lightness in Your Body

28:19 5. Digestion Coming Back Online

29:23 6. Sensation, Energy, or Heat — Tingling in Your Body

29:49 7. Better Hearing

30:12 8. More Resource or Pleasure

31:40 9. Skin Tone Changes

32:07 10. Emotions Changing

32:44 What You Can Do With These Shifts, What’s Different Right Now?

35:08 Learning to Notice With Help From a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

36:17 The Experiential for This Episode

37:13 Outro and an Invitation to Notice the Small Things

37:56 The Embody Newsletter

38:49 The Meditations Database

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