October 14, 2019

93: Between Worlds: Birth Photography and the Power of Imagery With Chinelle Rojas, Knowing Our Birthing Options Can Save Lives

“A world where our little pebble of documenting births can make waves on the mortality rate of mothers across the country or the world. How amazing would that be?” ~ Chinelle Rojas

Chinelle brings awareness to birthing options that can save lives, especially women of color through her intimate, raw, tender, powerful, and revealing photography. She tells a story of women in their goddess selves and “between worlds” with their babies and families, capturing the powerful moment of life coming into the world.

Chinelle’s eye for honesty in her photographs is inspiring and unearthing silenced or quieted areas of our humanity into conversation through images. In this podcast, she candidly speaks about her own birthing experiences and stories of being witness to the profound process of birthing. She shared how her curiosity of how slave women birthed lead to her creating provocative photographs that were sparse or missing in her Google search and how she is able to heal her ancestors.

Statistically, black women in the United States have a mortality rate of 3–4 times higher than white women, and Chinelle believes that one of the major reasons is lack of representation and WOC in the birth community and the visibility of different options available. That’s why she created The Melanated Birth - to offer just that.

From this down-to-earth wife, mom, advocate, logo designer, and birth photographer and videographer currently located in Tampa, Florida, you will learn why diversity in the birth world is greatly needed and be reminded of the reality and magic of birthing.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:01 Opening

01:30 Brought to You by My Client Work and One-on-One Immersions

03:32 The Meditations Database

03:57 Transcriptions of the Embody Podcast

04:38 How We Are in the World With Pictures

06:34 Introducing Chinelle and Her Work

08:16 Opening the Conversation

08:44 What draws you into the world of Birth Photography?

12:47 Learnings from Being with Birthing Families

18:10 An Extra Lens — Seeing Things You Do Not Remember

20:45 The Baby Shows Up — Feeling Humans, Emotions, and Life

23:27 Chinelle’s Regret with her own Births — Not Hiring an Actual Birth Photographer

25:02 What is Important for you in the moment of birth? Which photos do you want to see?

26:28 Talking about Birth with Women of Color — The Power of Sharing

30:55 Why are Black Americans Dying more often during or after childbirth?

33:05 Chinelle’s Project — Unto Us a Slave Is Born

38:21 Ancestors asking for this to be seen

40:31 The Thoughts Provoked by Chinelle’s Series

41:52 Let’s Talk about Ancestry — Using Black instead of only African

44:49 Moving Kids into Different Cultures that they are connected with

46:12 Trinidad and the Emancipation Day

47:36 What’s Chinelle’s Plan with moving between the US and Trinidad?

48:35 Retreats for Birth Photographers

50:06 About The Melanated Birth: Birth in different Settings is Possible for Everyone

51:56 The Goddess Between Worlds — Child & Mother

55:25 Who passed away while this birth happened?

56:34 Chinelle’s Video Work

57:59 Ancestral Trauma — How Things Stick Around

59:23 Where to find Chinelle Rojas?

01:00:49 Outro & Gratitude

01:02:00 The Embody Newsletter

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