September 23, 2019

91: Ken Honda — Is Your Money Smiling? The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money

Arigato in, Arigato out” is Ken’s mantra with money, and he promises, it’s not going to cost you anything!

Ken Honda of Tokyo, Japan, known to be the Marie Kondo of money, talks on the podcast about the Japanese art of making peace with your money. Do you use money or does money use you? Is your money happy or unhappy? Ken encourages permission to enjoy money and cleansing our relationship to money.

Ken encourages permission to enjoy money! He shares the confusion and devastation with money and a person’s death that marked his journey of meaning, and how he came to support millions of people in gratitude, following your heart, and finding your gifts as part of the path to money that appreciates.

Ken explains that the distance to happiness is amazingly equal and always same regardless of your circumstances and identities. While it may not be uncomfortable to realize that money is not the problem, Ken brings this conversation to a deep level of self where money is a neutral energy. We put lots of emotional garbage into our relationship with money, which can clutter and cloud it.

Ken talks about embracing your ability to receive, how to cleanse family shame around abundance, how to be vulnerable and ask for support, how the rich and poor have unhappy relationships to money, and how we can compel a planetary shift with a happy relationship to money.

“We are born for expressing our who we are and being authentic self.” ~ Ken Honda

Ken Honda is the author of Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money. He is a bestselling author of self-development books and has sold more than seven million copies worldwide. While his financial expertise comes from owning and managing several businesses, his writings bridge the topics of finance and self-help, focusing on creating and generating personal wealth and happiness through deeper self-honesty.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:18 Sponsored by You With Donations

03:25 Introducing Ken Honda

05:18 Opening

05:40 The Zen Millionaire — How Did You Get Here?

06:52 How Early Childhood Memories Affected Ken — The Introduction of Happy and Unhappy Money

09:04 How Seeing Family Suicide Changed Ken Forever

11:48 We Are Confused and Have “Money Related Problems” Not “Money Problems”

12:55 Do You Use Money or Does Money Use You?

14:16 Giving Ourselves Permission to Enjoy Money

16:01 With Food We Let Go, With Money, We Always Want to “Eat More”

17:01 Looking at Money as a Person and the Story of It in the Ancestry

17:28 Money Divided People / River Anektote

18:37 How Do You Teach People to Get in the Flow of Money? Appreciate Life and Everything Around You

19:13 Arigato in and Arigato Out

23:50 How Do We Root Through Our Emotional Garbage Around Money?

25:10 Doing What You Love Helps

26:35 The Fear of Having Money vs The Actual Lack of Money

27:52 Sometimes It’s Not Even Our Own Fear (Ancestry, Family Lineage, Past Lives)

31:41 Money Related Shame Cleansing

35:52 Doing a Global Money Cleansing: Guilt and Shame

37:33 Our Money Emotions Influence What We Buy and Sell, It Influences if We Regard the Plant, the Environment, or Other People

39:54 We Are Already Evolving and Shifting

40:40 Being Appreciative Helps to Have More, Enjoy More, and Shift Toward a Better World

41:22 A Lot of Our Money Issues Come Because We Simply Spend Too Much

44:26 What is Enough? Understanding That and Feeling There Will Always Be Enough

47:41 What to Do With the Challenges? Trust Your Friends and Life

49:29 Trust Life and Ask for Help When You Need It

49:30 Ask for Help

50:26 Where Are We Blocked in Our Trust and Abundance?

51:55 Once We Start Trusting Life, Asking for Support: You Uplift Yourself

52:25 Candice’s Example of Trusting Life in Austin, Texas

54:19 Ethnic Tension Around Money and Thoughts About Being in That? The Distance to Happiness is Always the Same No Matter if You Have a Lot of Little Money.

01:02:23 Right Now is Temporary. You Can Change It.

01:03:04 An Appeal You the Listeners: Thank Your Money

01:04:06 Gratitude

01:04:59 Where You Can Find Ken Honda

01:05:40 Outro

01:06:23 Special Drawing to Win a Hardcopy of Kens Book “Happy Money”

01:07:44 Where to Find Ken Honda

01:08:04 The Embody Newsletter

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