September 2, 2019

88: The Deep Mystery of Life Part 2: Dots Connect with Land, Horse, and Reconnected Souls

The continuation of one of past life stories has opened up unimaginable experiences and knowings! In my willingness to surrender into the unbelievable aspects of my experience and in listening to the Ohio land, a beautiful horse I met that showed me more, how a police officer guided me towards the right land where I have been hundreds of years ago, and a new friend, Amélie, that gave me more pieces of my story and… well, I won’t give it all away here. It’s nothing short of magical, so much I can barely believe it myself. And through it, I’m experiencing more of myself, trusting deeper, and living in the flow of the deep mystery.

Also in this episode a brief share about a new trauma/movement collaboration with dancers in Molly Shanahan / Mad Shak Choreography and a poem I wrote to express the Constellation of my soul’s past life lineage and family.

This is Part 2 of Deep Mystery of Life. The Story thread of this Past Life began in this episode last year: Past Life Trauma — Ep 49 and continued in Deep Mystery of Life — EP84 and a brief part in the intro in The Shadow Side of Empathy — EP86.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:16 The Embody Podcast Meditations Database Is Up

02:19 Written Transcripts for the Podcast Online

02:58 All Made Possible by Your Support

03:59 Opening — Checking in With Your Own Body

06:18 Update About Where I Am and What I Am Doing

08:04 Going Camping Around Ohio & Hocking Hills

09:08 This Story Started Unfolding Over a Year Ago (Referencing Other Episodes)

15:36 Where I Am Standing Now — Part 2 of the Deep Mystery of Life

17:41 Taking Up Self Defense, Archery, and Sharp Weapons Training

22:45 My Story With Horse, Cloud-walker

28:28 Connecting With Humans Around My Past Life — My Native American Sister Found in This Life Again

33:43 Soul Recognition of Past Life Connections

34:50 Receiving an Akashic Reading From Venessa

36:12 Heading Out to Ohio and Finding Horses & Pine Trees

41:01 Feathers & Meditating in Ash Cave in Hocking Hills National Park — Coming Home

49:27 Doubt in Me / Checking What Feels Like Home or Is It Just My Mind?

52:04 Poem: The Foolish Journey by Candice

54:17 Threading Pieces Together and Making Art Out of Experience

56:08 Gratitude

57:03 Signs Directing You, Without Clear Reason

58:45 The Embody Newsletter

59:10 Transcripts of the Podcast

59:23 Meditations Easy to Find

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