August 19, 2019

86: The Shadow Side of Empathy: When Empathy Goes Awry

The dark side of empathy. There’s nothing wrong with empathy or helping, but where it is coming from? Is the way you are seeing people when you support ultimately disempowering them? Who are you being in experiences where you support, help, heal, or be there for others?

This episode is not just for healers, empaths, wellness practitioners, or those in the helping profession — this is for everybody who has relationships to themselves and others. An Empathy Cleanse so that we can truly be honoring of each other in this life.

In this episode: where empathy can go wrong or too far, how we might put ourselves aside and where empathy supports self-avoidance or abandonment, my story of shifting in consciousness around being a healer, respecting others’ in their wholeness, and SEEING.

Also, a bit here on how supporting others, acceptance of death, respecting each others’ journeys, ancestry or past life, narcissist/empath and other victim/perpetrator agreements and dynamics, and codependency all connect in this conversation about empathy.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:32 Thank You for Your Support

04:10 Loving Michigan and the Call to Be on the Ground

06:11 Following my Feeling Sense and what Feels Easy and Light

08:53 Update About EP84 - Claiming the Past Life Experience

18:13 When Empathy Goes Too Far the Layers of Who You Are Now

21:42 How I Am Now?

25:22 I Was the Function of the Healing Not Just the Healer

37:34 How Are We Using Our Gifts?

38:11 About Empathy: My Story

39:52 When Empathy Hurts and a Healthy Vision

44:05 Why the “Empath, Savior, or Parental” Figure Position?

45:07 Narcissist / Empath Dynamic

47:36 When We Put the Needs of Others Over Our Own (Out of Balance Mother Child Dynamic)

52:25 Value of Selfless and Selfishness

57:06 Selflessness Can Be Actually Avoidance

58:53 Being a Care - Taker vs Being Caring

01:00:25 The Archetype of the Wounded Healer

01:00:58 Endings and Death: Respecting Everyones’ Path

01:04:00 Questions for You to Explore

01:06:05 Your Feedback & Thoughts?

01:06:33 Credits & Podcast Mentions in This Episode

01:08:46 The Embody Newsletter

01:09:06 Gratitude


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