August 5, 2019

84: The Deep Mystery of Life + Elbow Wisdom : Embracing What Logic Cannot Explain

There are things we just cannot explain that have a deep impact on our hearts, bodies, and souls. We are in the deep mystery of life — but do we flatten it by feeding everything through the rational?

What do a camping trip, sleeping with a steak knife, horses, my uterus, and men have to do with each other??

In this episode tune into how a camping trip, sleeping with a steak knife in hand, revealed a past life experience, the story of my uterus and elbow — the thread of the past life trauma experience that emerged on the Acupuncture Table, my bond with the white man as a native American in this past experience, a recent energetic download and expansion, believing and trusting in yourself, scrapping previous knowing to discover new knowing, remembering your sovereignty and the sovereignty of all beings, and fear shows that you may be ready.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:51 Trigger Warnings and Such

01:43 Overview

03:14 Elbow Pain: Time to Reclaim More of Myself

05:11 Parts of Ourselves and Our Body (Experientials in Last Week’s Episode)

09:04 Visiting My Acupuncturist Brent Garcia

10:11 Getting to Chicago — Hatchback Camping

14:01 Trigger: Past Life Rape

15:21 Trigger End

15:22 Arriving in Chicago — Lovely Workshops & Connection

16:13 Trauma Prevention and Resilience

18:22 Reaching Out to Male Energy

19:46 How Imagination & Feeling Can Be Enough for Healing (Even if It’s Not “Factual”)

21:34 Connecting With a Past Life Father, Horses, and Indigenous Time

22:50 Trigger: Rape Story

30:38 Trigger End

31:57 Trigger: UTI Experience

31:58 Reference Episode About UTI, the Feminine, and Anger

33:34 Trigger End

33:35 Back on the Acupuncture Table: Connecting Everything to My Body and Past Life

34:50 Feeling at Peace & Resolved With Men, Horses, Women, the Earth, and Tribes

35:29 Trigger: Rape Story Cont’d & Violence

35:52 Trigger End

38:03 Is This Woo Woo? Is This Out There? What if I Don’t Have Proof?

38:48 More Things I Can Not Prove: Recommendation of the Sophia Code

39:52 Trigger: Sex Trafficking

40:12 Trigger End

42:15 Connecting With Things That Might Make Others Believe You Are Nuts

42:15 Let Go of the Need for Rational / Believe and Trust Your Self

45:59 My Younger Self Would Not Believe My Now Self

47:00 Remembering Your Sovereignty and the Sovereignty of All Beings

49:25 Sophia Code Channeling of Different Archetype Energies

50:08 Taking What Resonates, Leaving the Rest

51:13 Do You Experience Things That You Cannot Explain but Mean So Much for You?

52:37 Life Is a Deep Mystery: Scrapping Previous Knowing to Find New Knowing

54:09 How You Can Support Yourself

55:43 Aquaman Reference: Fear Shows You That You Are Ready

57:11 Outro

57:38 This Week’s Experiential

58:12 Related Podcast Episodes

59:27 The Embody Newsletter

59:53 Support the Podcast

01:00:47 Gratitude & Appreciation


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