July 29, 2019

83: Richard Moss: Loving Love, With a Capital L

“Love brings us as close to Source as we can be.” ~ Richard Moss

Richard Moss has dedicated his life to loving Love with a Capital L. In this episode, receive the invitation to connect with the wildness of the soul, the part of you that wants to dance with love and “die into love.” Richard shares about experiencing life challenges as the deeper opportunity of our lives to love, the way towards intimacy, and planting a tree in fear.

In this episode: Relationship as a way to accelerate loving Love, Why is this called the Embody Podcast? Embodiment as a beginning-less and endless journey, being obedient to nature, and thinner skin and more sensitivity in aging. Richard looks truth and present happenings in the face — he vulnerably shares how his financial challenge is accelerating his deepening, the reality that there are no guarantees of identity or security in life even if we borrow it from the past or future, that democracy is only as good as the people in it and being seduced, and the root of our hurting the planet, recycling, and social issues. Richard says, “we don’t leave behind patriarchy without a profound change of identity” and “If you love love what else is there to do?”

In 1977 Richard Moss was a practicing physician when he experienced a spontaneous state of illumination that irreversibly changed his life and profoundly transformed his understanding of human consciousness and behavior. With this opening came a new level of sensibility including a heightened intuition, subtle insight into mystical and spiritual teachings, and the ability to sense human body-energy fields.

Impelled by this opening and its intensity which required virtually continuous self-examination, he took a sabbatical from his medical practice and began a period of withdrawal from his usual activities for nearly a year. During this time he spontaneously meditated for hours each day and read extensively in the spiritual and psychoanalytic literature, as well as poetry, and mythology. Above all, he made a careful observation of the new quality of energy moving in his body, and how his thoughts instantly generated emotions and sensations.

“He who loves, loves love,

and loving love forms a circle so complete,

there is no end to love."

Saint Bernard, quoted by Richard Moss in the February 2017 seminar in Hameaux de l’Etoile, France

From this introspective period grew his understanding that the root cause of most unnecessary human suffering and conflict comes from two basic forms of ignorance: Unquestioned identification with thinking, especially our judgments and beliefs, and secondly, the general inability in most people to engage threatening feeling in an aware, vulnerable, and creative way.

Richard’s work is about catalyzing you to live as fully and creatively as you were born to live. His goal is that you don’t just follow his or anyone’s work, but that you learn to become your own teacher.

Following this podcast, there will be a meditation provided by Richard, it’s called “83a: Touch this Moment with Richard Moss” and can be found on the link below.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:20 Sponsored by my Group Healing Call

2:03 Opening

4:51 Conversation Start

6:13 Richard’s Way of Loving Love

6:48 The Capital L Love and Richards Story of Finding That in an Er Room

10:52 Not Personal Love, It’s About Loving Love With Others

11:32 Another Calling in French: Who Loves Loves Love, and Loving Love Forms a Circle So Complete There is No End to Love.

12:47 Loving Love is Like Having a Third Consciousness

15:13 It Holds Everything Yet It’s Not Easy

17:03 Why the Embody Podcast is Called the Embody Podcast

18:28 How This Third Consciousness Can Grow After the Passing of Humans

19:09 Mention of Jack Zimmerman (Flesh and Spirit / the Last Years of exploration/relationship After Death Book)

19:41 The Body as a Portal for Our Experience / as It Ages the Body Becomes More Sensitive

22:44 Embodiment is Going Toward Love While Visiting Fear

22:47 Plant a Tree in Fear and Sit Until It Grows

25:13 Richard Asking Candice: What Does Embodiment Mean for You?

28:52 Each Stage of Completion is the Portal of the Next Opportunity for Forgiveness

32:51 What’s Richard’s Current Deepening, Struggle, or Opportunity?

33:15 Borrowed Identity and Sense of Security From Future / It Will Teach You

35:10 An Acceleration to Deepening Into Loving Love

38:42 Dying Into Love and This Moment

39:47 The Destruction of Borrowed Future in Our Planet With Global Warming

43:35 Not Depending on the Future

45:12 When Future and Safety Suddenly Shifts…

46:44 Teaching of Impermanence / Learn to Land Deeply in Yourself and in the Shared Heart

49:38 The Only Security in the Shared Heart, Would That Describe Intimacy?

53:52 The Exploration of This With Horses / It’s All in the Moment

57:06 Speaking About the Experience of the Hong Kong Protests Against the Extradition Law

58:13 Power of Your Own Awareness

58:57 What Do We Do With All the Suffering Going on in the World?

1:00:38 Essence of Love is Nonviolence — Being Non-Violent in Yourself

1:02:25 The Societies and Democracies Are a Reflection of Us

1:05:36 Loving All Love Starts With Ourselves, the Root of Who We Are.

1:06:35 Recycling, Purchasing Decisions and More

1:08:05 If It Hurts or is Saddening, Feel the Pain! Even if It is Numbing.

1:08:51 Gratitude

1:09:41 Find Richard’s Retreats and Individual Work

1:11:41 Find Richard’s Current and Future Books

1:14:28 How All the Different Parts Inside of Us Serve Us

1:15:17 Being a Teacher for Oneself

1:16:46 Outro

1:17:03 Richards Meditation — EP83a

1:17:42 Where to Find Richard and His Work

1:18:02 More Episodes & Experientials

1:18:23 The Embody Newsletter

1:18:42 Quote & Gratitude


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