July 22, 2019

82: Conversations with the Body: Body Love and Multi-Language

Your body wants to ally with you! It is a brilliant, intelligent, adaptable vessel and wants to bring you towards peace, pleasure, aliveness, and who you deeply are. But what about all the aches and pains? In this episode: stomach issues, falling into a hole and twisting my ankle, emotions and elbow pain — stories of how I’ve had conversations with my body and the colorful and dimensional ways in which the body communicates what it wants you to resolve. Where the body reveals the heart of the soul, our most tender desires, ancestral pain, belief sets, and stores experiences that are incomplete.

What would your body say if it could talk? The body doesn’t lie and is the opening to more. Tune in for a conversation about the multidimensional multilingual body calling you to listen to and reveal who you deeply are.

Plus three experiential this week that support you in orienting and a deep presence in the here and now, claiming all the parts of your body as yours with gratitude and witness, and working with and bringing healing to one part of the body, learning to be with and translate its multi-lingual conversation.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:33 Sponsored by My Dream Work Classes on Skillshare

03:21 It’s Hard to Get Started Sometimes! Tiny Steps Make a Difference

05:16 Experience With My Latest Riding Session and the Body Language of a New Horse

08:03 My Early Life & Flat Experience of Body

08:52 How It Looks When the Body Is Telling You Something

10:26 We Are Here to Learn and Deepen in the Experience of Who We Are

12:58 Stories About My Body Work

14:14 Numbness in One Side of My Body

15:45 Muscle Testing Showed Me What My Body Already Knew

17:48 EMDR: Learning to Feel the Answer and Not Overuse the Mind

20:06 Food Testing and Feeling My Body Answer

20:30 The Importance of “The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield” in My Life

22:29 Talking About Koshas in Another Episode

22:57 IRL — in Real Life

28:56 Now, Working With a New Pain in My Elbow

31:24 When We Listen, We Can Advance Very Quickly

32:12 Our Body Is Our Friend and Giving Us Information

33:48 Our Body Will Hold on to Things Until We Recognize What Needs to Be Felt.

38:47 Experientials Around Being in the Body

39:18 Experiential: Five Senses Body Scan — EP59b

39:37 Experiential: Letting the Body Lead — EP32a

40:01 New Experiential: Orienting in the Body — EP82a

41:53 Experiential: Grounding Touch — EP47a

42:01 New Experiential: Claim Your Body Through Touch — EP82b

42:19 New Experiential: Talking to the Body — EP82c

43:01 Experiential: Body Love Ritual — EP55c

43:22 Experiential: Conversations With Your Gut — EP26c

43:56 Building the Tools to Help Your Healing

44:50 Gratitude & Love for Your Body Right Now

49:43 Outro

50:06 The Embody Newsletter

50:34 More Experientials Form Me and My Guests


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