July 15, 2019

81: Heal it Before it Hits You In the Face And Gratitude for Your Nemesis with Joffre McClung

Joffre shows us self-love with sass, swagger, and a big laugh. In this podcast episode: how leaning into the dark night of the soul can bring a new lens on reality, finishing up the Matrix of Love, Joffre’s story of how she had done everything to have a good life and rock bottom at age 29, and shifting from mental masturbation and the mind doing double lifting to heart healing.

Joffre discusses beginning again, healing before it hits you in the face, using positive vs negative imagination, and emotions as a navigational system. There is already a part of you that knows it is one with the divine and we leave clues for ourselves. She talks about how challenging people and situations around cancer brought her to more self-love. And when you don’t take up the practice of loving all the parts of you, the orphaned parts may shout to wake you up!

Joffre is a Spiritual/Personal Growth Author, Motivational Speaker, and Common Sense Advocate who was compelled to write her first book, HOW LEARNING TO SAY GOODBYE TAUGHT ME HOW TO LIVE/2015, on spiritual growth because of the profound experiences of seeing her best friend battle breast cancer. Joffre began her career as a theatre actress and producer, having spent most of her adult life in New York City, where she acted and produced several Off-Broadway productions.

An avid student of spiritual literature and techniques since the early 1980s, Joffre taught herself filmmaking and formed Sweet Moon Pictures Production Company back in the 1990s. She wrote, produced, and directed two independent films with spiritual themes or overtones: Out of the Blue (1995) and Best Wishes (2002; winner of the “Spirit of the West Award”). Before moving back to Texas to care for her dying mother, she worked as a senior producer and director for a media broadcast Production Company in New York City for over fifteen years. Her newest book, THE HEART OF THE MATTER (A Workbook and Guide to Finding Your Way Back to Self-love) 2017, was born out of the work she did within to heal her wounds and beliefs of the past and move successfully and fully into self-love. Joffre’s passion — now through her book, talks, and videos — is to help everyone wake up, take the journey of self-discovery, and empower themselves through self-love.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:00 Opening

02:43 Conversation Start

03:05 Joffre’s Next Book (Update of Heart of the Matter)

04:31 Quote About Inner Orphans

07:52 Heal Before It Hits You in the Face

09:27 Story About One of Joffre’s First Dark Night That Woke Her Up

11:52 Something Not Quite Right With Me

14:01 Don’t Forget the Heart, It’s Holding All the Pain — Being Embodied is Important — Affirmations Only Do So Much Without Healing

15:07 Shelving Everything and Everything is Our Fault When Young

16:45 Introducing Yourself to Your Own Tools (Positive Imagination, Because We Are Already Really Good at Negative Imagination)

20:03 Definition of Self Love

20:03 A Definition of What Self Love Means

21:49 There is a Great Treasure With the Orphans

24:01 You May Not Know What is Needed, but It Gets Easier

28:27 You Need Your Books, but Everything Is Within!

29:18 What Challenges or Struggles Have You Had Lately?

35:02 Separating Relational and Spiritual Learning From Each Other / Understanding the Hurt of People That Are Hurting You

37:59 Life is Here to Teach Us Something — Even When It’s About Jealousy and Bullying

38:22 What’s the Title of Joffre’s Current Life Chapter?

40:20 The Refreshing Space of Making New Choices

47:12 Writing Wasn’t the Plan But Life Has a Way

49:19 We Are Leaving Clues for Ourselves

50:13 Don’t Look Too Far Ahead, It’s Gonna Change Anyway.

52:37 Dreams About Water Bottle and Little Foxes / Working With Dreams

57:38 What Role Do You Play in Your Group of Friends?

58:41 “You Got to Play, People!” ~ Joffre Mcclung

59:57 What Kind of Roles Did You Play as an Actress in the Past and What Would You Play. Now?

01:02:06 Check Out Joffre’s Books or Classes

01:02:25 Where You People Find Joffre?

01:02:40 Gratitude

01:03:13 Outro / Where to Find Joffre and Her Experiential

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01:04:10 Where Can You Begin Again?



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