March 9, 2020

8: The Deepest Form of Self — Love : Being YOU

This episode is a rerun of a previous episode on The Embody Podcast while I am on a short restorative hiatus.

When we are not in alignment with the true version of ourselves, we put ourselves at risk for disease. With coronavirus at the surface, this is a strong invitation to fortify who you are and be in deeper connection with yourself. When you are in that place, there is no receptivity for dis-ease, as did-ease gives us impetus to rebalance.

It’s time to LOVE your voice, become fully self — expressed and show yourself the deepest form of self — love: Living Your Truth shamelessly and wildly. Simply Being YOU.

On my 35th birthday, I felt this message move through me — a message that gives me life and purpose.

Listen in on my realistic inspiration to you about bringing yourself to life. How essential it is that you share your specific desires and gifts, validate yourself, and be fully in your being!

Of course, I know that it’s not that simple… Enjoy this encouraging note to be gentle, yet fierce in acknowledging the self — betrayal, hiding, and facades you may carry, death and how it forces the acknowledgement of life, and what would be a life worth living for. Also, I share some personal stories of challenges with being myself, fear, and hiding.

Appreciate and give yourself the birth of YOU (the TRUE YOU).



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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:46 Sponsored by YOU

2:58 Start of EP8

4:27 Message Beginning

4:47 Emptying the Trash

5:40 My Message to You

7:28 Notice Your Dreams / Dream Experiences Personal Story

9:09 You Must Share Your Essence

9:38 the Maintenance of Your Life Holding You Back?

10:13 Feeling Like Yourself

10:49 “This is How I Die”

11:46 Death as a Forceful Reminder of Life

12:09 Tavistock and Shadow Work : Seeing Destruction

12:49 When Will It Be More or Equally Important to Share Who You Truly Are?

13:09 The Conviction of War

14:12 Your Dream Already Lives in You

15:37 Embrace Your Potentiality With Ease

16:20 Does Judgement Stop You?

17:00 It Doesn’t Matter What People Think / Important to Be in Your Full Expression

17:09 Tantric Philosophy / Aum

18:16 Start Valuing Your Own Existence

18:29 Not Knowing Your Life Purpose

20:01 My Fear / Family Lineage

22:11 Release With Healing Work

24:21 My Purpose of Experiencing Everything

24:58 What Are You Here For?

26:13 Let’s Break Free

27:17 Ally With Death Meditation

29:00 Invite to the Group Intensive & Soul Body Retreat

30:19 Outro

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