June 17, 2019

77: Nature Constellations, The Earthy Kind of Sacred With Francesca Mason Boring

“So many people had to get something right for us to be here.” ~ Francesca Mason Boring on Ancestry

Francesca Mason Boring asks: Who is in this family? Everyone comes from someone — we have roots. There is an innate family soul that tells us that all of us are a part of this family. Our healing can be as simple as this and as complex as seeing this and looking at the hidden dynamics.

In this episode, we explore the basics of nature and systemic constellation, the experience of the Earthy Kind of Sacred: the kind of sacred you can dig your toes into, what the difference is between what I believe and what I’ve constructed versus what is true, morphogenetic fields and the access to our knowing, the gifts of acknowledging our ancestors, and the missing ingredients: what we have left out in our experience that ancient traditions can bring. We also explore the Cultural Puzzles in life: Connecting Families and Relationships with all the complexities they bring.

She teaches how “the ability to know is always present” and seeing the hidden dynamic, that nature is a teacher for life, and where there is trauma that is too much that nature can often help. She explores how we dance in our current life with history, miracles, and tragedies.

Francesca Mason Boring, a bicultural woman enrolled with the Western Shoshone Tribe, facilitates Family, Human & Natural Systems Constellation & Constellation as Ceremony as transformational work.

She is an author, international facilitator, teacher, and lecturer, working with universal indigenous fields in family constellation she has supported the development of constellation as ceremony, community constellations, and nature constellations. Walking with the ancestors, Francesca introduces respect and the incorporation of ancient healing wisdom traditions and ritual in life and systems constellation.


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Join me for the Restore the Flow of Love Family Constellations Workshop in Chicago — July 21, 2019

Whether related to abundance, money, love, dis-ease/health, relationships, career, etc., our struggles connect with our early unconscious and unspoken ways of belonging and flow of love. This connection with our lineage is carried through our bodies: the cells, viscera, the heart, energy, dis-ease, our fluidity, and freedom. Where those before us didn’t get to integrate a loss or trauma or where there was an imbalance in relationship, the flow of love is disrupted as a placeholder for where there is energy, love, and strength waiting to open and flow forward towards us.

In Family + Systemic Constellations, we constellate and acknowledge the dynamics in the undercurrent of the systems you are part of whether known or unknown. We reveal the essential movements towards healing with others in the group as representative of the parts of your family or systems (community, workplace, parts of self, past life, etc.). We restore the flow of love giving more natural space, ease, and freedom to move in the world with fuller embodiment, authenticity, and truth.

Read more about Family Constellations and what it means to have a Constellation or Represent/Witness.

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:04 Invitation to my Workshops

3:14 Opening

5:15 Conversation Start

5:34 How Candice and Francesca Met

6:00 How Francesca Interprets Constellations Work and How They Affect the World

9:40 Opening and Holding This Space With Ancestors and Nature / Saying Thank You and Realizing That There Is Ancestry Behind Everybody

13:05 Genuine Awe When Learning to Draw Upon the Resources

14:57 The Basics of Constellation (Nature and systemic/family Constellation)

24:03 Nature as a Teacher for Life

28:15 Sometimes It Is Too Much Trauma and Nature Can Help

31:26 What Are You Excited About?

33:14 Expanding the Reach With Her New Book

34:26 Seeing Where Constellations Work Came From

36:57 What Else Is Happening in Francesca’s Life?

39:27 Constellations as a Way of Being… to Spread Into the Life

43:10 Spreading This Work for All People

46:52 Cultural Puzzles in Life With Connecting Families and Relationships

50:54 Francesca’s Personal Challenge: Befriending and Becoming Comfortable With Technology

56:32 Honoring the Challenge

58:25 Anything as We Close?

1:00:17 Where Can You Find Francesca?

1:02:03 Gratitude

1:02:38 Outro

1:03:06 The Ability to Know is Always Present. ~ Francesca

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