June 4, 2019

75a: Shamanic Journey with Rachel White

Rachel offers a brief guided shamanic journey experience for you to dive into the underworld.

“Once you look through the looking glass it looks back at you.” ~Rachel White

Described by her clients as the “Amy Schumer of shamanic practitioners”, Rachel White specializes in demystifying the mystical and arming her clients with practical insights for the real world. Through her Chicago-based practice, TOTEM, Rachel empowers her clients to take the reins of their spiritual lives with tailored, pragmatic shamanic support and informed insights.

Rachel has more than ten years of experience as a trained shaman, medium, and meditation coach, she has performed readings and consultations for more than 1,000 clients, and has hosted more than 100 group-guided meditation workshops.

The main interview with Rachel can be found at CandiceWu.com/rachelwhite


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Sponsored by My Be in Beauty Workshop in Rochester, MI

I’d like to invite you to a healing workshop and experience in Michigan, my home state.

This workshop is about Being in Beauty - Beauty touches everything under the sun that feels important, sacred, awe-inspiring, or sweet to you. It’s the experience of being in the feeling of yourself at your core, in touch with your beingness. Whether it is specific or broad, this workshop is intuitively supported for your desires and needs.

Please share or pass it along to anyone you feel may benefit or be interested. I’d greatly appreciate the support as I rebuild my roots here in Michigan and share this beautiful work. Thank you so much.

Learn more about this and future events at CandiceWu.com/events

Being in Beauty Workshop

Saturday, June 15

10 am – 5 pm

Rochester, MI, USA


Show Notes

0:00 Intro

0:43 Opening by Candice

2:16 Shamanic Journey with Rachel White

13:15 Outro by Candice

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