June 3, 2019

75: Pragmatic Shamanism and Co-Authoring Our Lives with Rachel White

“Once you look through the looking glass it looks back at you.” ~Rachel White

Described by her clients as the “Amy Schumer of shamanic practitioners”, Rachel White specializes in demystifying the mystical and arming her clients with practical insights for the real world. Through her Chicago-based practice, TOTEM, Rachel empowers her clients to take the reins of their spiritual lives with tailored, pragmatic shamanic support and informed insights.

In this episode we cover:

The ease of moving energy vs moving the material world

Wu Wei and aligning to the invisible rivers of flow, non-attachment, synchronicity, and being

Rachel’s agonizing experience of the 4th and 5th dimension, the multiverse, and the Mandala Effect

Other realities and co-authoring our lives in empowerment

How would you do it differently if this life weren’t the beginning and end?

Spirituality is ingrained in life and is an emerging science where we may have lost some memory

TV shows, Doreen Virtue, and Elon Musk and their relationship to energetic themes

How Rachel manages a job in corporate America and her shamanic work with TOTEM

Shamanic Reiki

BONUS: A practical and spiritual Tarot reading for me and you, the audience

Rachel has more than ten years of experience as a trained shaman, medium, and meditation coach, she has performed readings and consultations for more than 1,000 clients, and has hosted more than 100 group-guided meditation workshops.


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Sponsored by My Be in Beauty Workshop in Rochester, MI

I’d like to invite you to a healing workshop and experience in Michigan, my home state.

This workshop is about Being in Beauty - Beauty touches everything under the sun that feels important, sacred, awe-inspiring, or sweet to you. It’s the experience of being in the feeling of yourself at your core, in touch with your beingness. Whether it is specific or broad, this workshop is intuitively supported for your desires and needs.

Please share or pass it along to anyone you feel may benefit or be interested. I’d greatly appreciate the support as I rebuild my roots here in Michigan and share this beautiful work. Thank you so much.

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Being in Beauty Workshop

Saturday, June 15

10 am – 5 pm

Rochester, MI, USA


Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:04 Sponsored by My Workshop in Rochester, MI

4:07 Opening

6:03 Conversation Start

8:36 How Do You Help People Connect With Their Spirit Guides?

8:47 The Act of Coming in and Spending the Time or Money Means Everything

11:09 Tarot Should Be Choice-Based

12:36 Opening Up a New World in Chicago Through Guided Meditation

13:15 Spiritual Work Is Just as Real as Corporate Is Real / Life Can Be So Easy in the Spiritual Realm

14:07 I Blame the Puritans

14:58 Dream Virtue — Shifted to the Opposite Energies

17:37 Shaking the Idea of Good & Bad

19:19 Agnostic and Free (Drinking Whiskey After Meditation)

20:08 How Do You Describe Spirituality?

20:29 Elon Musk / We Are in a Simulation Theory

20:38 TV Show Talk on Westworld

22:03 Shamanism and the Individual Experience of the Divine

23:32 More About Multiverses and Jumping Dimensions

27:09 TV Show Magicians

27:30 Having a Wrong Memory

28:54 Steven Hawkins’ Last Paper Multiverse

29:28 We Are in the Hardest Version of Our Universe

30:55 We Are Co-Authoring Our Lives

32:06 What if This Universe Is Not the Beginning and End? What if It’s Just the Middle?

33:31 Wu wei

35:52 Book The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

37:11 Just Making Sure You Didn’t Slip Into Another Dimension…

37:31 Experience of Multiverse With My Black Dog | German Black Forest

39:48 What Is Going on in Rachel’s Life Right Now?

41:46 We Are All Mediums in One Way or Another / Listen to What You Speak

43:18 The Spiritual Path Is Hard

46:25 Everybody at Work Thinks I Am a Witch Anyways

48:13 Spirituality Is Way Less Crazy Than the Medical Industry & Corporate America

48:52 Peter Thele

50:03 Movie The Big Short

51:11 How Do You Work With Shamanism? Staying in a Learning Mindset.

53:20 Shamanism X Reiki and Data Visualization at the Energy Body

54:58 Accessing Individuals Spirituality Through Rachel’s Tarot Deck

56:35 American Gods

57:07 Bonus: Pulling Tarot Cards for Candice & the Show

57:49 Emma Cook (Designer of the Tarot Deck)

58:24 2 of Moons — Candice’s First Card

1:00:00 8 of Crystals — Candice’s Second Card

1:01:52 3 of Christals — Audience Card

1:03:57 Explanation of Other Suits in the Deck

1:04:13 Gratitude for Open Conversations

1:04:42 Anything Else? Take Your Spiritual Development Into Your Own Hands.

1:05:20 Rachel’s Shamanic Experiential on the Embody Podcast

1:05:48 Where to Find Rachel White

1:06:11 Outro & Gratitude

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