May 27, 2019

74: The Potency of Tiny Movements, Subtlety, and Coherence

Coherence is the quality of being logical and consistent or the quality of forming a unified whole according to Google. Today I talk about the potency of noticing the tiniest moments of healing, subtlety or evidence of what’s shifting or happening. It is a ripple effect of spiritual and emotional homeopathy, which then affects our physical bodies.

I invite you to not overlook the potency of a small moment! Let’s take time to notice the coherence and intelligence in our being and bodies. Also, I talk about how the logic of the soul, heart, and body are totally different than the mind’s, such that our bodies are constantly adapting and supporting us.

Where are there places you are doing it right? What ways does your body support your well being? Let’s look, truly look, instead of overlooking what’s already happening. Seeing can bring an opening to more.


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Invite to my June Workshop in Rochester, MI

I’d like to invite you to a healing workshop and experience of Family Constellations combined with Somatic Experiencing and Self-Forgiveness in Michigan.

This workshop is to enliven Beauty - Beauty touches everything under the sun that feels important, sacred, awe-inspiring, or sweet to you. It’s the experience of being in the feeling of yourself at your core, in touch with your beingness. Whether it is specific or broad, this workshop is intuitively supported for your desires and needs.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:59 Invite to My June Workshop in Rochester, MI

03:17 Opening Meditation

04:29 When Someone Noticed Something About You

06:52 Coherence: The Subtle Tiny Healing Movements

07:16 Joshua Silvae

09:35 Noticing the Soul History and Lineage Movements

10:57 Koshas Episode

11:37 Coherence: Synonyms and Noticing the Small Things… Homeopathy

15:34 Horsemanship Lesson With Sue and Delta

17:01 Mothers Can Be Hard on Themselves

18:22 Noticing the Smallest Thing Can Have a Ripple Effect

19:21 Subtle Changes in Family Constellations

20:49 Do We Bother to Look at the Small Things to be Grateful For?

22:42 I Might Not Bother to Look… Seeing Something New Can Disrupt the Structure

23:40 What is Getting in the Way? Are We in Our Own Way?

25:51 Are There Places in Your Life Where You Are Resisting?

28:35 How Symptoms Can Be Seen in Family Constellations

29:42 Story of Pain That’s Kept Through Generations

31:15 Good Things Come in Small Packages: Examples of Somatic Shifts That You Can Learn to Notice

38:37 Ladybug Story

41:22 Gratitude

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