May 20, 2019

73: Take Your Sweet Time with Kremena Yordanova

I’m grateful to bring this lovely conversation with Kremena Yordanova, who lives her passions in many worlds including yoga, entrepreneurship and the corporate world. I’m inspired by how she looks at the subtleties of patterns in everyday life as ways to know herself and support her students.

This conversation is a transmission of energy and medicine straight from Kremena Yordanova and her ancestors: do it like you CHOSE it, let your life unfold and take your sweet time, and how she chose her own path despite pressures to be a full-time yoga teacher, the herbs of Bulgaria.

As a self-taught entrepreneur with a full-time corporate career, Kremena is thoroughly aware of the demands of modern life. Kremena was motivated to contact more like-minded yoga teachers to join her YorYoga collective and set on a mission to share the practice of self-healing. Since founding YorYoga seven years ago, Kremena has organized more than 15 international Yoga, Food and Wine retreats, multiple workshops and has taught countless Yoga classes.

She fuses the philosophy of yoga with modern day life as the basis of her teachings. Her realistic, grounded and contemporary approach has made her a sought-after teacher in Amsterdam, with weekly practices in leading studios, as well as boutique workshops at the W Hotel Amsterdam.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

0:56 Sponsored by My Workshop in Rochester, June 15th

3:47 Opening

4:52 Conversation Start

5:32 Combining Full-Time Work and a Passion for Yoga

7:14 How Do You Combine Corporate Life and Yoga?

9:49 Pressure to Go Full Time

11:52 You Already Know the Answer

12:04 When Students Come Already Knowing

13:03 Looking for External Validation

15:25 What About Kremena’s Is Her Passion and Moves Her Deeply?

18:01 Detaching From Daily Life to Give Space on Retreats

19:24 How Do You Support People in Finding Answers?

21:52 the Coffee After Yoga Is the Best Part

22:25 Recognize That It’s a Choice

22:32 Do It Like You Chose It

23:52 When Lessons Happen Again and Again: Undervaluing Ourselves

29:06 Doing Things at the Right Time

31:36 Questioning Oneself

33:48 Kremena’s Ancestry: Syberia, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands

35:45 Finding Yoga Through Bad Weather in the Netherlands

37:40 Taking Your Sweet Time

40:30 The Feeling of Everything Takes Too Long and Re-Framing It

45:30 How Culture Shapes Us / Unable to Locate Kremena’s Roots When People Try

53:17 What to Expect When Coming to Bulgaria: Rich Culture and Beautiful Nature

54:16 Suffering Can Be Story and Growth When Told / the Richness When Coming Back and Bringing Retreats to Bulgaria

56:11 More Information About Retreats by Kremena

58:30 How to Connect Kremena

59:59 Anything Else?

1:00:35 Outro

1:01:51 Where you can find Kremena

1:02:19 Embody Newsletter

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