April 29, 2019

70: Good Grief: Honoring Relationships Ending

Our relationships show us places in ourselves that our soul desires us to love or claim. The endings of a relationship, which may have brought both beauty and pain, can bring us that opportunity. Whether it is an ending or shift present or past, in an intimate relationship, family, collegial or friendship, we have another opportunity to return to loving ourselves.

In this podcast, I share my personal story of my recent relationship ending, how I am honoring it and the pockets of pain and beliefs that I had the opportunity to look at. I talk about how we can see our relationships as places for powerful healing and wisdom, four places we get stuck in grieving or moving forward into new relationships, getting unstuck from beliefs that keep us in lack, and how the mind and soul can be on different agendas.

Then join me in the healing experientials that support integrating and claiming the beauty and love from the relationship, healing any pain or wounds, self-forgiveness in your part of the relationship and excavating the beliefs that emerged, making space for the new, playfulness and life.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:54 Sponsored by People Like You

02:14 Opening — Ending Relationships Is Present All Around Me

03:36 People Say: Grief Takes Its Own Process and It Never Ends

04:47 Overview for This Episode

05:27 Charmayne “Where There Isn’t Loving, There Is Something Else to Be Learned”

05:55 Our Soul Is on a Journey to Be Loved Inside and Outside

09:33 My Previous Partner — Christoph

11:20 the Honoring of Our Relationship

17:58 the Ending of the Relationship and My Grieving in the Process

20:09 What I Found Out While I Was Grieving

21:57 Wondering “Does He Really Love Me?” + Healing

24:16 Our Relationships Are Deeply Sensitive and Vulnerable

24:50 Spiritual Service Satsang / Relationship Comes With Two Partners Who Are Connected in Each Lesson

26:07 How to Grieve and Glean the Wisdom From the Relationship

26:25 That This Relationship Has Something to Show to You

27:18 Getting Unstuck: #1 - Beliefs Like "This Is How It Is for Me” or “I Always Get Left,” Etc.

31:04 Getting Unstuck: #2 “No Other Person Will Be as Good for Me as This Last Partner”

34:01 Experientials: Integrate, Embody, and Making Space for All Possibility

35:03 The Push to Move Forward as Soon as Possible // Claiming the Beauty of the Relationship

37:30 Getting Unstuck: #3 the Soul and Mind Having Two Separate Agendas

44:53 Heartache and Pain: An Opportunity for Healing

45:55 Getting Unstuck: #4 the Mind and Ego Agenda Can Try to Make Things Permanent

46:43 Choosing the Surrender to the Souls Journey to Love

47:34 Finding the Life That Is Here

49:56 Embody Podcast Episode: The Past Is Over

50:15 Experientials Connected to This Episode

51:22 Give Yourself Tenderness and Time

52:45 Outro & Sharing Love

53:51 Embody Newsletter

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