April 22, 2019

69: A{Live Now}: Reflections from the Horse Farm and Relationship Mirrors

In this episode I talk about relationships being a mirror and my adventures in leaving the Horse Farm in Ireland back in January – what happened and some clips of my private spoken journal from that time, getting cornered by my host, my experiences with horses blowing me off when I ask them to do something and how I overcame it.

Plus, my process in choosing a kind and pleasurable learning situation over one I needed to endure and how relationships serve to show us where we are still needing to learn to love, giving us an opportunity to love ourselves and others more deeply.

A Little About A{Live} Now

I’ve found that when I share what’s true in the moment, there is so much ALIVENESS and fullness in me.

That’s why I started the A{Live} Now mini-series, which is within the Embody Podcast. This is the second episode and I intend to share what’s happening in my real life and in my inner world, what’s truly full and alive now.

What’s alive now in me has often been what’s filled the juicy stuff of life: themes, joys, or challenges that others may also be experiencing, a fear and other emotions that bring me to the edge of my fullest expression in the moment.

As you listen, I will also share snippets of how you can support your own heart and soul, know yourself, be your fullest, or heal and love yourself.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:52 Opening

02:03 Spoken Word Journal & Encouragement to Share

04:29 January 26th - Getting Cornered & Experiencing Stronger Boundaries

10:36 Greediness & Enoughness

13:08 Working With the Alpha Horse / Establishing Leadership

19:04 Everything Was Overwhelmed All at Once (Learning, the Space, Personal Conflict, and So Much)

21:32 The Most Important Question: Why Am I Enduring This?

23:33 I Don’t Have to Learn in All Areas of Life Right Now

24:54 Taking a Step to Go Home & Enjoy

26:11 Newsletter: Inner Freedom, Enjoyment, and Manifesting

26:55 Skipping Over the Good Things

28:00 Reflecting on the Endings: What We Attract in Relationships

31:47 Relationships for More Self Loving

35:13 Recovering With a New Teacher & Horsemanship Lessons Back in Michigan

39:17 My Connection With Horses is Growing

39:44 The Last Day in Ireland: A New Connection With a Different Teacher

40:47 My Horse Adventures Continue

41:54 Following Podcast About Relationship Endings

43:21 Gratitude & Appreciation

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