April 8, 2019

67: Key to Manifesting: Surrender to the Map of Your Self

Disclaimer: May not be suitable for all audiences, contains sexual content.

We are always manifesting something, but how do we manifest what we desire? In this episode, I explore the key to manifesting what you desire — finding the map to YOU and surrendering to your deepest, truest, clearest Self. I also share a true and vulnerable story of a recent flow and manifesting experience, discuss how we can’t be anything in the world; we can only be ourselves and offer a healing experience of embodying a time you feel most like yourself, touching into your desires, and resolving unworthiness and fears.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:27 Disclaimer: Not for All Audiences

00:40 Intro

01:16 Sponsored by my Dream Classes on Skillshare

02:23 Welcome

03:02 Opening the Topic

03:17 Why This Topic?

03:44 Talking to My Healer and What I Want Right Now

06:24 DISCLAIMER: Pleasuring Myself for Deeper Manifestation

07:45 Am I Really Worthy to Have the Kind of Love & Life I Desire?

08:44 Feeling Turned on by Our Desires


09:35 Thinking: How Impossible?

10:02 Two Weeks Later and San Diego

11:40 How Did All of This Even Happen?

12:27 Second Manifestation Story: Choosing the Path of Joy in This Moment

13:06 Surrender to What is and Surrender to Who You Are

13:26 Embracing All the Pleasant & Unpleasant & What Comes

13:41 Getting Closer to What I Desire — Not What My Wounds Need

14:34 We Are Always Manifesting

14:34 We Are Always Manifesting

16:53 We Should Not Judge Our Own Believes as Good or Bad

17:19 “You Can have/do/be Anything” — FOMO

19:10 Bottom Line: Everything is Possible

20:39 in This Life, Maybe Not Everything is Possible (Human Body Limitation)

22:07 Manifesting: Getting to the Core and Loving Connection

23:17 Completing the Wounds We Are Trapped In

24:21 About Completion in the Body

25:49 Self Inquiry: How in Touch With My Essence, Core, and True Self, Am I?

27:46 Working With Our Vibration

28:50 Invitation to the Journey of Unfolding, Healing, Seeing, Loving, and So Much More.

29:25 Fear: Depending on the Outcome

30:32 Karma Yoga: Resolving the Wounding Process

32:21 Connecting With the Flow: We Are All Worthy, What We Desire is Possible.

33:16 the Desires That Are Not Worthy

33:50 the Desires Which Are Worthy

34:18 Our True Nature — Wholeness

35:00 Mention of “The Magicians Episode 7”

35:54 Experiential: Connecting With Who You Truly Are and What You Desire

49:12 Gratitude

49:37 DISCLAIMER: Pleasuring Yourself as an Exploration

50:37 Mention Embody Podcast Episode: Harmony

51:26 Mention Embody Podcast Episode: Worthiness

51:42 Mention Embody Podcast Episode: Parts Work


51:54 Thank You for Being Here

52:19 The Embody Podcast Overview

53:43 Embody Bi-Monthly-Newsletter

53:59 Wishing You LOVE

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